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  1. Anybody try having 2 cameras of the same type mounted a distance apart that match a average humans eye spacing. Then using dual 2.4 Ghz tx/rx setups feed the two signals into each lcd of the goggels. Should pickup the deep perception. I might give it a shot later on. Wanted to get feed back and ides from the experts. thanks all P.S. also focus the cameras at a slight angle towards a focus point about 30 feet in front of the aircraft.
  2. Thanks Kilrah.. I was just doing some testing and what I figured out is. If I am going to use channels 6 and 7 for the head tracker, my microcontroller has to generate bogas PWM for channels 1-5 and string that data all together. The Instructor tx will only take the channels selected(channel 6&7) in the PWM string... onto programing the controller...
  3. okay you guys have got me involved in another project... I have been reading all your posts about gyro drift and fixed reffrence points, to maintian the yaw and pitch center positions. I have some background with real aircraft gyros and Inertial navigation systems(INS). The key like you all are saying is the refrence pooint. INS especially the ones I work with require updates ocassinally to prevent massive drift errors. In the fullsize aircraft we used....to use a radio fix (tacan) mix, or a radar fix, to update the INS so it would not just be running off gyros. Well I have been trying to
  4. Fantastic work you guys are doing!!! When I do something with electronics I try to learn more than I need to. I am starting from the ground up. I have looked at the signal coming from the futaba 7cap and I can see the diffrent pulse lengths for each channel. For a lack of the correct term I would call all 7 pulses strung together a FRAME. How are you guys merging your 2 channel (yaw and pitch) from the dual axis gyro into that frame? I appreciate your help.
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