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  1. Hello Art, I have to give several comments to my post above. The wireless cam I have already tryed wasn't yours and moreover your brand isn't available in Russia. It was intended for security purposes and had 2.4GHz transmitter inside. So, I faced with the following problems: - the range was too short due to weak and poor quality of output RF signal instead of declared in its manuals. - the picture on a TV screen was time to time quite striped and unstable due to an interference inside the unit case and hard thermal conditions there. - conventional 9V battery doesn't provide enough working period and it's not serious for FPV aircraft. Dear Art, probably you have managed to solve two points out of the above but the third one is obviouse. P.S. Any territory has a specific RF regulation but I'm bothering by reliability and matter of quality firstly. Alex.
  2. According to my experience cams with built in transmitters work poor and especially with low power 9V battery. They range is short and the quality of image leaves much to be desired.
  3. Thank you a lot Yes, those goggles look good. I'll try to purchase it from them. They are quite closer to me.
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