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  1. Nice one, mate! That's exactly what I need to do.
  2. Thomas - Detailed feedback has been PM'ed to you. For everyone else: I am quite impressed. I had order confirmation immediately after I submitted the order (on 6/20), and a package tracking number that night. The unit was shipped the next day after ordering (6/21). It arrived safe, sound, and well-packaged 4 days later on 6/25. Excellent! The device was packaged very professionally in a shrink wrapped box with a color label on top and descriptive label on the side, which included the unit serial number, firmware version, and hardware revision. Immediately upon opening the box, I
  3. Is there a story behind your font obsession? http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.ph...44&postcount=96
  4. No, no! No hard feelings at all. I'm just excited that you're about ready to ship these. I'll gladly pay for the cased version all ready to go (it means I don't have to create a template and risk fudging the case). I mentioned the case only to illustrate my devotion. Sorry if I led you to a misunderstanding; I can wait and am happy to pay full price (which hasn't yet been announced!) in support of your effort. Keep up the GREAT work!
  5. Excellent! Do you have a ballpark price point yet? I guess I won't be needing the case I bought in anticipation of making the beta list (no one dropped off the list!).
  6. Oh, hey, look at that. A pic of a pair of Atmega88's that completely answers my question. Nice!
  7. Are you using two AVRs? I notice you have two ISP headers on that beta unit. I have an Atmel ISP and do my share of AVR programming (Atmega8515 and 128), btw. Hint hint. =)
  8. Oh my. Yeah, that pretty much makes replacing the connector on my own pointless. When you said expensive crimp tool early in the thread, I didn't know you meant that expensive. I really might as well solder a pigtail with a more reasonable connector right to the camera board.
  9. Mark, you're my favorite person. At least through Sunday; that's when my wife has to be my favorite person again. Otherwise she get's jealous. Thanks again! EDIT: that appears to be a 4 position. My camera connector is 3, which is 51021-0300. 1.25mm appears to be correct. I believe I mismeasured earlier. The original connector doesn't have the "MX" trademark that I can see on the outside face. -Mark
  10. Yes, that's what I've done so far. The real problem I need to solve is that the wire used in the pigtail is very stiff and rather cheap, so it tends to break from repeated stress from the pan/tilt. Currently I've put some hot glue on the wire where it breaks out of the connector, but I'm not sure how long even that will last. The idea there is that the hot glue will even out the stress curve, similar to what rounded edges do for a hole in a high-stress environment. Said differently, encasing it in a harder glue will only cause it to break further away from the connector at the (not-so-much-of-
  11. Thanks for the reply. I suppose I could desolder the connector on the camera board and use whatever connector I want. It happens to be through-hole on the board, so it shouldn't be too bad to do provided I find a connetor with similar spacing, or perhaps better, just solder in a pigtail.
  12. Hi folks - I'm not quite sure where to post this such that it will be seen by the right people, so I'm starting here. I have a cased KX131 and am interested in making some extension cables (and perhaps some other equipment), and would like to purchase a few male/female pairs to mate up with the built-in connector. Does anyone know where to source these? They appear to be .5mm spaced, but I'm not certain. Perhaps they're the same as the ones used for the Inspire video/sensor extension (#MJST-EXT)? If so, Thomas, do you have a digikey, mouser, or jameco part # for these (and matchin
  13. Cool. Remove the .ncb and .obj files from the source code zip file. This bloats the zip to its horrendous size and isn't needed anyway, since Visual Studio will rebuild these files the next time the project is opened (.ncb) and built (.obj).
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