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  1. http://aeromodelismovirtual.com/attachment...mp;d=1231340369 any one know if that image is correct ? thnks
  2. nice web with lot of info, http://diydrones.com/
  3. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/764435/helic..._by_jai_larkan/ too beautifull to avoid share it =)
  4. if you dont use FMA Copilot how will the plane auto stabilize itselft when it receive a strong wind kick ?
  5. maybe you would like to agroup items by categories, or even remove the bottom compass and leave just the angle to twist to home, that's the result of playing a little with image editor, im not sure if you like it, gif size is 1,2 mb
  6. nice video, a littlebit pixeled, wich font got your osd? i don't find any one that match your font in windows,
  7. Kilrah, that means firmware can't be extracted from rom and modify it? impossible?
  8. thnks for explanation, you know if there is a way to modify the firmware in order to increase bitrate? i usually don't record audio so maybe the power reserved to record audio, can be used to record video in a better quality, i read that firmware can be updated thru SD Card, so maybe something can be done? or that's quite difficult and need lot of work?
  9. i saw a video of ThomasScherrer that got RSSI signal level in the OSD and is not usfull because it changes depending of the plane position, and im not sure but i think rssi levle should be adjusted depending on wich receiver are you using, not all got same level, in fact probably no one got the same one... i also like to see Letters at the bottom of the screen like "Fail Safe: Returning home" when failsafe switch on, or anything you want, configured by usser, that info of HDOP is so nice to know how many meters around gps coordinates could be you losted plane, are you planing t
  10. that's interesting but... using a little patch antena with a 60º of beam width is not very usefull, the goal is to use it with parabolic antenas that just got a beam width of 6 o 7º, but then a problem appears: image will be null when scanning, and you need pan and tilt, if you use rssi to point the antena could be possible to add two antenas more at left and right in order just to know if signal is moving to left or right, then move antena in a smoth movement? well correct me if im wrong, maybe my way is not the best one, obviously the best way is to use a modem that send gp
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