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  1. If your cam and Laptop both have firewire you can use adobe premier for "lossless" video quality and then encode later with quality codecs (Divx, Xvid). This is what I will be doing when I have a cam set up.
  2. I really like this design, I don’t have any micro servos to play with yet so ill ask you about what I have been pondering. Would it be possible to take the pan servo and flip it upside down where it lies next to the tilt servo, drill a hole for the servo head and anchor the pan servo to the main camera box and then archer the head it to the installation plate, you might have to reverse its direction on the radio, but if it would work, it seems like a possible way to avoid cutting a servo size hole in your airplane, and it may make it more compact overall. But since it’s not in front of me my logic may be all off on this one.
  3. Has any one set up a pan tilt system that uses gears for the pan servo? By placing a gear on the servo head and a smaller one on the camera mount you could obtain 360+ degrees of rotation. Has anyone tried it? I’m trying to come up with a system that will give me full 360 capabilities. Are there any servos in production that will do a 360? I have an old radio that I can tinker with, I would like to have the camera controlled my a completely different radio. I was wandering if there is a way to take out the spring mechanism in the sticks of a transmitter, so the stick will stay where you place it, vertically or horizontally, and not return to center.
  4. Could I go with the wider angle 8db and still get around 2km or will it be less than that?
  5. Hello, I am interested in buying this system and I had a few questions. I have a wood construction Tower Trainer 40 nitro airplane with a Futaba 4FV Transmitter. I shouldn’t have an issue placing the TX in the rear section of the plane so 30" of separation is moist likely possible, if not than nearly possible. What kind of loss am I looking at here? Will I still be able to control the plane when it’s in eyesight? I was wandering if anyone has any idea of the general range of the "RangeVideo" system? What can I expect for distance if I get the Patch antenna? Flying the plane out of eyesight seems very risky, and in a city like where I live I would not ever do it, but I want to make sure that the system will have enough range to broadcast clean video wile the plane is within eyesight. And just to clarify, do I need to keep the transmitters away from each other or the two antennas? Because I currently run my receivers antenna to the rear of the plane outside pinned on the rudder. If I put the TX back there the transmitters themselves would have a good bit of distance however the antennas would be fairly close to one another.
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