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  1. Thomas, Are you selling these OSD modules? Or was this a one time project? I'd love to purchase one.
  2. I forgot to say this the first time around, but I really like how you sandwiched all the boards together into a small package. That OSD you built for telemetry is pretty cool too. I wish I knew how to program PICs and make my own OSD.
  3. Don't you mean "experience"? I'm planning on using some amateur ATV transmitters, one in the 70cm band and a second one in the 900MHz band. Each Tx will be putting out 500mW. I think I'm safe.
  4. I'm curious, at what power output will a 2.4GHz transmitter start overloading a GPS receiver?
  5. I can't wait. That's truly an awesome HUD. I know you can't divulge too much at this point, but is there any way you could give us an indication as to the price range? Is it aimed at hobbyists or the commercial UAV industry?
  6. GpsPassion did a comparison between 1Hz and 5Hz GPS receivers. The results speak for themselves. They used the iBlue 737 GPS receiver with an MTK chipset inside. Now, Spark Fun has started carrying a 5Hz GPS module made by ETek. Since both the MTK and the ETek are said to support 5Hz updates & have 158dbm sensitivity, would it be safe to assume that Etek's module will provide the same performance?
  7. Whatever became of this amazing project? It looks absolutely fantastic. http://www.tsg1.com/
  8. I came across this on another board and got kind of curious as to who makes this OSD? Was it a homebrew project? Does anyone know?
  9. I.C.'s OSD board seems like a great product for displaying altitude, speed, GPS coordinates etc.. One of its drawbacks, however, is that it doesn't display system or receiver voltage. This begs the following question: Can it, without spending too much time and effort, be modified to display voltage data?
  10. I'm looking to buy a used icircuits OSD board. They sell new for $119. If you have anything under $80 please let me know. Thanks!
  11. I've got a CX171 camera and I'm looking for a housing for it. Does anyone know where I can get one that fits? Thanks!
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