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  1. Thnaks for the reply...I was a little fast with posting..I checked your profile later " a drone that flies a GPS path" I was talking about a system that can fly a programmed path using GPS Data. like the microdrones that can be programmed to fly a path. http://www.microdrones.com/downloads/video...eos/airquad.wmv The Video signal can be transmitted over 8km legaly. Is there a way to extend the range of the RemoteControle to go more than 2km?
  2. VRFlyer...aer you the same guy from Youtube? I came here for him. He has a very impressive gyro system with VR googles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WkZ1Csm5Ms he is a Canadian. How far can one go. A Quadcopter that flyes a GPS path like the Microdrones, complete with VRGyroGoogle Camera all Data HUD Display ... one guy flies, the other films. This Sounds just like a military drone to me and I guess that this has all been done by some people already. Only the price matters...
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