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Attention: RC-CAM.com will be closing down August 2021.

The RC-Cam.com forum was the very first online community dedicated to the advancement of wireless video cameras on radio controlled (R/C) models. This is now called "FPV" (First Person View). We are proud of the contributions that our members have made to the FPV hobby.

We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.


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  1. Looking to buy a 2nd hand Canon A640. Will pay via Paypal.
  2. Thanks for the response Thomas. But I think I will wait for a pic and not rely on my "electronically challenged" skills.
  3. Hi all, I inadvertantly pulled the wires from my TX and was hoping someone might already have photo showing the wiring order for the +/-, video, and audio wires. I bought it from FutureHobbies; the 200mw system. I did get a diagram off the Lawmate site, but I want be sure as what they show for connections was not how mine was setup originally. I think some changes were made. If no one has a picture handy I will contact Wade and see what he might have. Thanks - Lachlan
  4. I use the BLIP trigger as well on my A640. Works very well.
  5. Hoveing in the "target zone" is what I am pursing with the subject probably within 3 to 4 feet of the heli main rotors. Cutting it close, but I guess it will depend on how quick the sensor can relay the information. Maybe a loud enough tone on the system programmed to annuciate at a particular distance. I really don't know squat about this sort of thing, so trying to research feasibility. EDIT - Here is another interesting kit: Ultrasonic Radar Module
  6. Would anyone here happen to have experience working with Infrared Proximity Detector or Range Finder systems used to avoid aerial obstacles? Basically what I am trying to accomplish is to avoid colliding with an object while performing close proximity aerial photograhy. Therefore, I am looking for a micro-controller and sensor that I can hook up to a receiver that will in turn annunciate to a ground station or transmitter. There are several sources for sensors out there such as the MaxBotix LV-MaxSonar and proximity sensors at Lynxmotion. However, I was hoping someone might have source f
  7. Yes, AUX under the basic menu is where I assign channels 5 to 9. But strange enough, when I tried to program 5 to right slider (VR-E) it assigns to "Switch E" instead where my Idle 1 & 2 are. Programming 5 to a KNOB (Eg. VR-C) ends up putting the function on "Switch C". I have concluded either my transmitter is "POSSESSED" Or, I need to perform some sort of mix to correct the proper switch/knob identification.
  8. Hi all, I need advise on where I can slot in what; particularily where and how I can assign "pan" function. I am looking at using one 9CH Rx for the helicopter and another 9CH Rx on the camera mount. Additional Rx functions on the helicopter include the use of an AP2000i on CH7. Requirements on the Camera Mount Rx include Pan, Tilt, and Camera Trigger. My TX is a Futaba 9CHP Super. The following is what I initially project using. RECEIVER "A" (Heli 9 Channel Rx) 1 - Aileron 2 - Elevator 3 - Throttle/ESC 4 - Rudder 5 - Gyro Remote Gain - GY401 6 - Pitch 7 - AP2000i Gain (Slider) D
  9. Thanks for the input. I will definately have to take a look at the Globalsat's.
  10. Has anyone played with this little GPS Module yet? GR-10
  11. Yep...I've looked through mp3.com and the Xenarc monitors are quite popular, but somewhat more expensive than the Newison or Lilliputs. I'm looking at "best bang for the buck" type of deal. I actually might just get an 8" LCD which are typically the standard 4:3 aspect ratio. As long as it is not too heavy for mounting. The monitor would be dedicated to AP, therefore widescreen is by no means a criteria or benefit (as far as I understand). As was pointed out by Kilrah, I would most likely end up with 5" diagonal when switching ratio on a widscreen (16:9) to standard (4:3). The purpose f
  12. Now that is good to hear. At the nominal cost of the 2-cell lipos nowadays, I would not be too concerned either if balancing them is not a major concern. Just dont need an extreme unbalanced batt to go tits-up on me mid-flight! Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Hi all, I am in the processe of picking out a good high resolution monitor for AP preview. I am hoping the "AP Pros" could chime in and let us "Newbs" know what has worked for them. I kind of have my sights on this 7" monitor Newison NW629VT, which I plan to attach to a tx tray. (By the way, I belleve Newison monitors are out of the same factory in China as the Lilliput monitors). Here are a few of the NW629VT specs: Dot Resolution (RGB): 800(H) x (RGB) x 480(V) = 1,152,000 (dots) Aspect Ratio: 15:9 Contrast: 200:1 LCD Brightness: 400 cd/m2 Viewing Angle: 45/60(U/D), 65/65(L/R) O
  14. Appreciate the information regarding cells and balancing leads. I will definately do my research before attempting my own. And, thanks for the link; good one!
  15. Vrflyer - What I meant by building is buying individual cells and buiding packs. Ya....I assumed all lipos no matter what there size would have balancer leads. The response I received from Thunder Power: "Our two cell batteries don't come with a balancer lead because it adds weight. They are used as an ultra light battery for light aircraft." Terry - Although currently based in the Middle East, I typically order from US via the internet. Maxamps actuall has a 2-cells (430mah and 860; nothing inbetween). I guess I will try their Lipo 860mah 2S2P 7.4V Pack, but at 51 grams. Unless there is an
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