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  1. Hi everyone, I couldn’t miss this discussion as I have started with a simular project myself. And it’s better of with many heads than one ! I have purchased a “Airtel 6” data logger for my aeroplane, and instead of the normal 9v battery I have replaced it with a small GPS board from Evermoore. I have tried different kind of communication through the audio-channel of video transmitters. What I came up with that’s worked best for me was a transmitter from Widows that’s on 900Mhz and 500mW out. The sound quality is very good on this one compare with some other I have tried before. But I still got my idea to transmit the data with GPS and telemetry stuff with a speed of at least 4800 baud. And here I am standing with my homemade AFSK modulator at 1200 baud without any further progress. I will also mount a camera on the plane that can have the original overlay from the Airtel-system carry along to ground at least in the beginning. But I like to carry all the telemetry data independent down to earth. I also have purchased a license for AGWE and will continue to follow this board for a while. Another thing is the interested part of the Ground Station project you have going Mike, that’s really clever and needed for interested in this hobby. By the way I have tried the program “CompeGPS”(you find it on www.compegps.com) under Compe GPSair that’s develops for hang gliding, but it’s really nice for viewing the waypoint from model-aeroplane in 3d map display. If combinations of your project and this one have come through, I would think most of the people have whatever they going to need!! Anyway, thanks for information and the sharing with other on this tema. With best regard Birger…..
  2. I had a conversation with the maker of TinyTrack, and to my acknowledge this unit was made for GPS data-stream. What I want is a transfer of the whole data-stream that available from Airtel 6 including the GPS sentence. The format from the Airtel6 is unique, and it’s sending with 4800 baud. I have tried it down to 1200, but as I said this is too low for getting the resolution good enough for aeroplane. I have to find something that’s in depended of that data-format either its GPS or telemetry, and can easily be changed for its use. You can have a look at my homepage under “telemetry” were you find my trying with a simple “Schmitt-trigger circuit” as FSK modulator, and transfer from the Airtel with 1200 baud. I also have a picture of a nice small GPS receiver I squeezed into the same box.
  3. Hi there, and tnx 4 reply. It’s interesting that other are dealing with the same experience that I got. I need 4800baud first of all to get the GPS data-flow within 1 sec. With 1200 baud, I loose too much data within a 4 – 5 seconds period. And there is a lot happened in the air within 5 seconds! I thought AGWPE was a kind of gateway program for Internet / radio support, but I haven’t tried it myself. I red someplace here a solution on a chip from CML, CMX 469. Have anybody got some luck with this one, or is there other circuit around that’s small enough to bring into a telemetry-box? I really want to integrate the system as much as possible, than there will be a chance of taking it into the air!
  4. (Uups !by the way, I saw that this topic should have been posted under another tema, better off next time !) The project I came up with was also AFSK, and I used some bits of electronics to support on the transmitter end. On the receiver end I use a program that’s call MMTTY, and are a shareware program made for RTTY/ Ham use. But here is the biggest achievement to have a good decoding unit at the receiver end. Have you got any experience with other software that’s available for PC use, and that can be used also on frequencies over 5Khz ?
  5. Hi, I just come over this Forum when hunting for some devices on Internet. I have been fascinated to remote video and telemetry systems for RC planes Since I first saw one system I work last summer. I thought for awhile that I were The only one working with an idea to send RS232 data-steams through the audio channel on a video transmitter. But then I came stumbling into this Forum and reading about experience on the tema. I have tried some cheap equipment in the start, but this has been thrown away quickly. I have now a video x-mitter for 900Mhz and I went for the Airtel 6 system for telemetry device. I have found a descent-size GPS receiver board from Evermoore that is mounted into the Airtel6 box where the battery is suppose to be. Since I will be using a high-capacity battery for all equipment together, I had no use for the battery in The Airtel 6 unit. I have trying to get FSK to work with the system, but the speed was limited to 1200 baud, so I was thinking of PSK instead. I so fare haven’t seen anything that can take care of 4800 baud, what’s the minimum speed that will be accepted for 1 sec. Update on the Telemetry side. Are there others here that have experience with the Airtel 6 system ? I just get it together before Christmas, and the testing I have done is pure table testing. I’m not finished with my aeroplane that will carry the stuff yet. Hopefully I can get it together for the summer season ?
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