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  1. Here is a 2.5GHz digital video transmitter. Its pretty hefty though. http://www.dtccom.com/DigitalTX.html
  2. Ok thanks. Nice work with the mast. I bet real estate agents would like to use that for properties on the market?
  3. Hi All, As my name suggests I'm trawling this fantastic site researching the assembly of a tethered blimp for video using a handycam. My thinking is this. If my Rx antenna is able to be always pointing up the tether to the balloon, can I use a patch antenna on the Tx always pointing down the tether line? That way I'll have highly directional antennae always pointing at each other...? So I should have great reception. And potentialy a cheaper and lower powered tx/rx unit. Also I'll throw this out for general comment... Seeing as I'll be using a Sony handycam I plan to utilize an RF remote control extender with an external bright eye emitter placed over the IR receiver at the front of the handycam. This will allow zoom as well as record on/off and other functions. Has anyone tried this? Here is a link to the RF remote control extender I am eyeing off. RF Remote Control extender Mart.
  4. Hi, I know lugging a laptop, out into the field is not always feasible. But I did read a pretty impressive review on some direct to hard disk recording software that I thought I'd share with you nice folks. Its called DV Rack. I have considered it for my potential plans however I have an external usb hard disk that would also require a battery to run. It gets a bit messy.. But thought I'd share it anyway. http://www.seriousmagic.com/products/dvrack/
  5. Hi, Long time reader first time replier. I think I might know the source of confusion... Where lines intersect with a dot over the intersection that is a connection. Where lines intersect without a dot they are not connected. Some older schematics used to have a little bridge on one of the lines where the wires do not connect.. Here is a diagram.. Mart.
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