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  1. Kind of slow but hope I picked this up. You will be using one battery to power the motor and the cam insted of the usual motor per item. Could you show a picture or diagram, Im more of a visual learner when it comes to the electronics, Thx
  2. I have tested against the laptop and the picture is there, tuned in and have a picture but if the cam moves to much then the picture is lost. Iv'e tried replacing the cheap antennea that came with the rx with a piece of coaxial cable, but how long is a nother question.
  3. Sorry for being so lengthy Recently picked up a wireless spy cam and a DSB-V100 USB Video Capture Device off ebay for my RC plane and/or heli. The cam of course for the platform and the DSB-V100 for the laptop at the field to video my flights. I do not own a camcorder so the laptop was the next best thing. By connecting the wireless reciever to the USB-V100 then previewing and recording using windows movie maker. I of course have tested the cam in the house on my home TV and attached to a rc truck and drove it down the block and back, over 200'. from the living room TV the reception was great, sat on the couch the whole time as a FPV. Tuned in the freq no problem and I was off. Now the problem: Connected it up to the DSB-V100 and laptop onto window movie maker, the reception was very difficult to tune in, then the line of site was only a couple of feet and very jumpy and wouldn't stay clear more than a few seconds. Is the laptop putting of too much freq through the cables or am I missing more hardware somewhere. Thanks for all your help and knowledge
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