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  1. I bought video tx (1.3ghz) 800mw and another one 1500mw. Is there any way to measure poweroutput is real ?
  2. Says 70 degree. Two patch covers 140 degree. Without tracking system could you use these systems. Can you fly behind the antennas ?
  3. Thanx for the answer. Forexample any data on capture angle on antennas 8dbi ? I want to fly 360 degree fly. [ front of me and behind too ]
  4. Easystar 800mw 1.2GHZ [ esp 1280mhz ] on TX We plan to use Patch antenna system and maybe oracle diversity. Antenna tracking is looks so complex and expensive. Is 2 Patch with different angles is enough ? And resource for making our Patch antenna's. [ because of high shipment price's to send items to eastern europe] I read many thing about antenna's but not understand the core. If DBI increases range increase but covarage angle is decrease.[ is that true ]
  5. I want to make simple system. I couldn't understand how to connect gyro to TX ? Camera's servo on RX's channel. But gyro with the TX ? Thanx
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