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  1. Yah I think FPV is awesome. Regular heli flying was getting a little stale. Attached a pic of my current setup. The heli is about as big as a trex 250. Since the cam is in the front of the heli I wonder how much of the signal is blocked when it is flying away from me? So the 3 coil Helical signal beam is pretty broad? I might buy one to try with this micro spektrum setup. I want to build a 250 Quad Racer and was not sure how powerful of a TX I should get. I guess I could get by with a 200mW. Or I could put this setup on a 450 heli that I have. But a quad racer might be more fun and more crash resistant.
  2. Just got into FPV. For xmass I got a Spektrum Fat Shark Micro FPV system. https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdId=SPMVS1100 The TX is like 10mW. Uses clover style antennas. I put it on a small heli and can fly out about 200ft. Past that and the video gets patchy. So I'm thinking about getting a more powerful TX and camera that will give me a range of no more than 600ft. No interest in losing the model. I might want to fly behind a small tree every once in a while . How powerful of a TX should I get? Alot of guys use a 600mW TX.Is that necessary? I do realize that I can use a helical style antenna to extend the range but those need to be pointed in the direction of the model. I like to stand and keep my head still so looking to use a clover style antenna. Thanks in advance Mike HI TOM!
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    SWEET! I'll get one for sure! Can't wait.
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