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  1. Hello Guys, do any of you know who sell this boost RC glider? THX, Isaac
  2. So instead of use a TrackR1 could it be posible to use a 5 TV monitors with 5 cameras that are installed viewing a specific angle so when you are flying its look like you are seen thru the airplanes windows? I know maybe this is overkill but just a nice idea Isaac
  3. Hello Kilrah, I just edited my post about using a regular 2 axis gyro like a Futaba GYA352 since there is one that do the head traker trick available on the market. Thank you for your explication. Isaac
  4. Just curious? Why you need 2 gyros? I was reading on the web page you mentioned above and each one is a head traker.............. So why you use 2 gyros? THX, Isaac
  5. Guys, have any of you have try one of this or any products from this company? I want to mount one of this cameras on a RC airplane...... Whats your advise? BoosterVision GearCam & 12db Hi-Gain Combo THX, Isaac
  6. Check this out. Here is a guy that made one for learning to hover. Also, he sells de plans to build one and how to conect it to a TX. http://www.heli-chair.com The aditional things will be adding the TV monitors in order to real fill we are inside the cokpit Isaac
  7. Check this idea: To make a Pilot chair with 3 big plasma TV. One on front and the other 2 at the side and put 3 cameras on a airplane for each TV and fly it with the pilot controls at the chair. Isaac
  8. Hello guys, since I am pretty sure many of you use BEC (Battery Eliminator) for your RX´s make sure to read this and be carefull. This was posted in several forums like helifreak, runryder, rcuniverse and others........ This does not happend to me. It happend to a forum member name: lakespinner2 I just copy and paste here so you know about this in order to prevent you guys of experince the same thing. You can read lakespinner2 initial post at: http://runryder.com/helicopter/t316871p1/ So be carefull and spread the word. THX, Isaac Here is what lakespinner2 post: I recen
  9. Hello guys, this is my first post and I got interested in this because I saw this nice Vrflyer Video that shows the camera movement follow headset. I have been in RC from more than 20 years flying helis and airplanes. Is there is a available unit on the market at a reasonable price that I can get and mount it on a airplane similar to the one on the Vrflyer Video? I know some electronics but I prefer something that is ARF BTW, I live in Panama Central America and we dont have any FCC regulations, about freq used, etc THX, Isaac
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