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RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This was announced several months ago (March 2021) to allow our members ample time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

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  1. YES please look in the manual, so you do not do this wrong !! most of the connectors are like normal servo leads GND +5V signal (can be volt in the volt meter inputs)
  2. first of all !! you should not use GPS height as landing indication, you will most likely crash ! first learn to fly good and stable FPV, then perform takeoff via FPV, to land is hardest, use landscape to learn the height and maybe have helpers near by to guide you down telling you the height is good or bad, also the right lens is important, normaly the open angle is too small, I have got different lences from rangevideo and found out this is smarter with the widest, get a more natural feeling. you can simply add a diode in series with the 5V supply to make the 4ish volt required for the smaller GND, then you are within safe area, some even use two diodes, but measure the voltage when it is running, the diode drop voltage is a bit different pr size and type of diode, you can get anything from 1V to 0.1V
  3. you get about 3 feet pr meter, so the feet value will jump 3 times as much :-) a GPS have 9m accuacy on the position if good fix, but about 5 times as much on the height, multiply this by 3 and add flyind angle jitter to the gps and you should get jumping numbers :-)
  4. when people have problems it is often incombinations with the EB85 GPS, try to borrow another gps type from a friend and see if better. I was newer able to recreate any of the mentioned problems, look at all my videos are with smooth and stable and correct readouts (but ok I use meters, and so should you)
  5. >But like I said, if it works then it doesn't matter why it works. it does to me, I am constantly seeking perfection in all I do, no matter if I cant fix some thing, I still prefer to know why, when I fail I learn more, wisdom is strange.
  6. >>setting the UTC offset to -7:30 certainly fixed the clock problem what ?? try with a zero offset, that should read out the GPS clock unaltered ! does that work ? else I bet you have an old ByteInfo.config open the file just use a txt editor, and find the UTC Offset section <option name="-8:30">32</option> <option name="-8:00">33</option> <option name="-7:30">34</option> <option name="-7:00">35</option> <option name="-6:30">36</option> <option name="-6:00">37</option> check the hidden numbers looks like this, else fix it :-)
  7. >One more question. When I place the clock on the screen, it is always off by 30 minutes. >Weird. If it is exactly 30 minutes off, then that would probably be OSD software related. no no !!! it is just a simple setting !! the OSD config program can adjust the displayed time in 30min steps, some contries actually have 30min offset, not just 1hr as the most normal, that is why. open the CLOCK section of the configure items :-) I also tottally agree about the GPS and its sat reading and its location is too close to the video tx, I also say a small plane like easystars might be cheap and cool for many things, but it is not an uptimal platform for trouble free FPV, for that you need a much bigger plane, so you can achive the most uptimal distance from radiating items to receiving items. here is one example: http://www.webx.dk/rc/rc.htm#plane19 look at this link too: http://www.webx.dk/rc/video-wireless/stick/page_01.htm and more: http://www.webx.dk/rc/aspach2007/page_01.htm videoes at last page :-)
  8. your firmware is 1.16F ? the 1.16E or erlier had a bug in the height when FEET is used, but works with meters. also you make rols and loops and sharp turns, and have 3-4-5 sats that is why your altitude gets so much wrong, nothing the OSD can help you when you confuse the GPS so much, also you must get alot more SATS when you fly straight and use large curves and no G force style flying, then you should see a much better and more stable height reading, you can also try the meters reading and see if any better, the feet is about 3 times more sensitive offcource, but there might be a math bug in there too :-) I have several newer and much smarter firmware versions on stock, just bad luck the development of the PC sw stopped a log time ago (not by me, I did not make the PC sw) so all the new and cool features can not be used, right now you have actually some features in the OSD that is not supported by the PC software, like other home positions, so you can fly to another waypoint and make a mission handover with a buddy located far far away :-)
  9. I still help out a bit, mostly with repairs and such more complex issues, but not for free anymore, since I have other paying customers of my own waiting all the time for my products I need to spend my time there. also I did not sell them their OSD's I just cant support them all, I hope people will understand this, lucky forums exist and many other friendly users can help other users, that is good.
  10. I have been in contact with a few, but have so far not got a 100% go from anyone, what a pity all that time spend in making it is wasted for me, so far. now I focus on many other projects I find more fun and more money in making :-) newer got a cent from the IFOSD and spend so much time on design and support while others got the green. I am involved in manned space flight at the moment, too please see this: http://www.copenhagensuborbitals.com/ videos: http://www.vimeo.com/3585147
  11. same to all of you !! wow I am soo busy here, specially about this one: http://www.webx.dk/rc/uhf-link3/uhf-link3.htm there is a huge thread about the project here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=905915 I am also involved in this: http://www.copenhagensuborbitals.com/ and this: http://www.webx.dk/bal/ sorry about forgetting this forum, I have now updated my profile and avatar !!! oh, enjoy this video I took : http://vimeo.com/2295213
  12. see this: http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/u...m_Polymer_Packs http://ep-plane.com
  13. see what I did the whole weekend, perfect weather too. specially page 4 you might like. http://www.webx.dk/rc/Grcc2008/page_01.htm
  14. latest news to all customers that are waiting paitient, the last parts (radio modules) are now confirmed to be delivered 19th of August, I am preparing as much as possible of all the other things to save time. new customers are welcome to contact me, I have prepared a few more units to help out new customers also.
  15. Hi Martin, my advise is to contact me directly using thomas @ webx . dk it must be able to work with your futaba, if your PPM frame time is constant. a technical discussion about this system is also going on here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread....5915&page=3 NEW: http://www.webx.dk/rc/uhf-link3/competition.htm
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