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  1. Thanks guys, I'll build, test, and report. Matt
  2. Yes, but this was a trade off for ease of build and physical shape. Still think it will work?
  3. Terry, The application is for directional RF tracking. I will be using it to receive, direction find, and track a unit emitting a radio beacon on 434mhz. The patch will be connected to a scanner receiver and will either end up mounted on a vehicle or carried around on foot - have to see how it pans out. Do you think that this antenna will have enough directional performance and gain for my desired application? I was looking at this as an alternative to a Yagi antenna. Matt.
  4. I would like to build the GP patch antenna as detailed in the projects section - but for operation on 434MHZ. If I apply the dimension rescaling formula for 434MHZ, it will be considerably larger. My question is though - Do you think it will work, or is it a design only for microwave frequencies? Thanks. Matt UK
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