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  1. Just following along with you guys since I have a DX7 so keep us up-dated. I did however pick up a Spektrum module for my 9C so I can use it with all my Spekrum RX but I still would like to have a Head-Tracker mod for the DX7 .
  2. Yeah I agree Kilrah, There both the same units that everybodys is selling for FPV I just get them from SC. I'll be sending this one back and hope they'll give me a replacement .
  3. Here's mine . The TwinStar has 2 cameras and 900mhz, 2.4ghz wireless gear.
  4. I purchased 2) 500 mw 900mhz TX from Supercurciuts. One has normal range at 1 mile plus but the other one only goes 1000 ft before it drops out. I also noticed when I power it up on channel 1 the signal disappears after 3 minutes (after warms up) and if I switch to Channel 2 on the RX the video signal shows up there. The TX is set on channel 1 but the RX is on 2. I have to go through this everytime I use it. Any help. Thanks
  5. I like the idea of being able to use this for a joy stick. I have a CH flight yoke set up I use with MS flight sim that I would like to try and use for FPV piloting. Rudder control could be foot pedals or twistable joy stick. Any way to get Force Feed-Back to work (hehe).
  6. Very nice details on your TwinStar Beachyfrancois, I really think it puts you in the pilot seat. Chrome spinners and exhaust coming out of the nacelles are cool to .
  7. Welcome to rc-cam rking, Yes I do use a Spectrum DX7 and I have no problems with the links since I use a 900mhz TX & RX. The range is over a mile and I don't really fly that far anymore but it's nice to know I can.
  8. Very nice OSD. Looking forward to the release . Thomas does this mean you won't be making anymore "Where's My PLane" videos . The arrow should be helpful .
  9. What clubs do you go dancing at Mr.RC-Cam . I been thinking of doing the same and picked up a little 12v blue strobe. These guys have some cool lights. http://www.dimensionengineering.com/index.html
  10. Nice Video, I got to get out that way and do some FPV flying where theres some good senery.
  11. I'm not sure, I lost radio when I was over a mile away and still was getting a great video signal and my spotter could no longer see the plane. further then I will fly again . some video
  12. More Video with PIP. http://grouper.com/video/MediaDetails.aspx...26fu%3d2054759&
  13. My Ap TwinStar pulls only 19amps max and 210 watts and at level flight at 10amps and 100 watts. It weighs 12oz less then the FPV TwinStar. Here's a little video from the AP one I just took over the weekend. The landing is not one of my best but nothing damage. Hard to put it down on a turn . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i_6AL1ljoE
  14. Yep I'm sure. Of course it weighs in at 62 oz with both cameras, DVR on board. takes some power to keep it up there...
  15. This should help newbies that have lots of ?s in getting started in FPV. www.FPVpilot.com
  16. It fly's level at half throttle. 15amps and 200watts
  17. Thanks Mark. I added landing gear to it a couple of nights ago with a steerable nose wheel. Can't wait to taxi out in FPV .
  18. I got some time to finish this thing. The weather here cleared for a few hours and I finally got to maiden my newest Twin Star II . This one is set-up with my pan n tilt servos. I also painted it mostly black so it is easier for my spotter to see. I had a blast with the new set up and didn't want to stop but the wind picked up . Pulling 35amps and 435watts weight is a hefty 60oz It has a bunch of power and will climb vertical for a 100' or more. With the 2 lipos it flys for 15+ minutes Here's a short video I put together http://grouper.com/video/MediaDetails.aspx...26fu%3d2054759&
  19. Wow!! That's not nice. I should have bought stock in UPS... I use the PH3 with good results and I see that MR.RC-CAM has posted they work at 5volts.
  20. My web site might help with some of the newbie ?s. it's not a forum but may point a new guy/gal in the right direction let them know what's involved. www.FPVvideo.com (plug )
  21. Take some video if you can . The "Ramp O' Death" love the name. Sounds like a skateboard ramp I use to ride as a kid .
  22. The wiring in this plane is a lot cleaner then my other TSII since this time I'm not adding or plan on changing anything. I also made the wires to there correct size so I won't have twisted bundles of extra wires in there (this should save some weight ).
  23. I also added another opening in the rear where I now have radio gear and the servos. This space did not exist before until some foam was removed, being careful not to weaken the structure.
  24. With some of the foam inside removed I have more space now for better placment of all the equipment.
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