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  1. I purchased 2) 500 mw 900mhz TX from Supercurciuts. One has normal range at 1 mile plus but the other one only goes 1000 ft before it drops out. I also noticed when I power it up on channel 1 the signal disappears after 3 minutes (after warms up) and if I switch to Channel 2 on the RX the video signal shows up there. The TX is set on channel 1 but the RX is on 2. I have to go through this everytime I use it.

    Any help. Thanks :)

  2. I got some time to finish this thing. The weather here cleared for a few hours and I finally got to maiden my newest Twin Star II . This one is set-up with my pan n tilt servos. I also painted it mostly black so it is easier for my spotter to see. I had a blast with the new set up and didn't want to stop but the wind picked up .

    Pulling 35amps and 435watts

    weight is a hefty 60oz

    It has a bunch of power and will climb vertical for a 100' or more.

    With the 2 lipos it flys for 15+ minutes

    Here's a short video I put together



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