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  1. I did find a 12volt 1 input 2 output here http://www.21best.com/21_best/electronic/s...sale_.html#VD12 Price seems a little high though but it's small enough for my Twin StarII
  2. Hello' I would like to split my cameras video to 2 places, 1st is to a on-board dvr inside the plane and the other 1 to my 900TX so I can see what the planes camera is seeing (through goggles). I like using the DVR inside the plane because it records better video but I also want to send the video wireless back to me. So far I have just used a Y connector but of course it cuts down the quality. So I'm looking for a amplified splitter or somthing like it that won't cut the quality so much. I thought about using 2 cameras mounted together but would like to avoid that . Any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. Oh yeah, that looks like something I can do . Thanks Mr. RC-CAM
  4. What about using a repeater on the highest point. Being a ham radio guy I would try using another TX and RX and repeat the signal back to the house. It could be battery powered with solar for charging .
  5. Well the PA3 mic took it to the other extreme, now it's louder and distorted even inside the plane , it's just as Mr.Pibb posted to sensitive, but I can work with it . I did notice when I was adjusting the audio pots inside the TX and RX I could bring down the audio but it still was distorted from to much input gain so I also think that a POT inline before the TX is a good idea and I will try that next. I did get to fly the set up over the weekend and I'm happy with the results of my video . Thanks again. Love this stuff....
  6. I could't find a part # on my RS mic. I plugged it in and the other mics I have to my sony camcorder and it had the highest audio where the others where to low. that's the only test I've done.
  7. Mr. Pibb, My camera is the KX151 CCD from RV. The back of the camera has a input voltage of 12v120mAh. wires I removed that came with it had no Vreg. It's good to know that yours works with the PA3, I'm keeping my finger X. Vova made no mention of the PA3 in his email to me . I ordered a PA3 from Supercircuits and it will be here tomorrow so I will post my results. Thanks
  8. Food for thought. I do have to have my volume almost max to hear the audio that is coming through and some noise would be expected at max.
  9. I just recieved a email from Vova at Range Video . At this time there isn't a microphone set up that works , that they know about. He is running some test of his own to see if he can recommend something and has forward my ?s to the engineers at the company that makes the 900 gear. I'm using a tie-clip- omnidirectional electret, which comes with "357" button battery from Radio Shack rated at 1.55volts. I've also tried a Shure sm57 dynamic , PZM pizo type and a couple others. They all have about the same audio level, but it's hard to till with the buzzing going on. The tie clip one seems to be the best for the set-up (I'm guessing). Anymore suggestions on mic set-up. I'm willing to try just about anything and it might help RV. Thanks again .
  10. Well adjusting the audio pots only change the static from white to pink noise so I put them back to the way it came. I'm woundering if I can add a bigger preamp for the microphone to override the noise .
  11. Thanks Mr.RC-Cam, you have been very helpful. I did try another CCD camera from a different maker with the same results (buzzing static ). So I'm with you on this, that something needs a little adjustment.
  12. Yeah I honestly didn' think that would do much but I had to give it a try and it did nothing. My batterys are lipo 3 cell @ 12.3 volts 900mAh during these test and using 2 separate batterys also did nothing. Camera and TX are rated for 12volts 120mAh each. No Vreg, and everything wire direct and not sharing any power with the planes gear at this time. I did notice that I can leave the CCD camera powered and when I unplug the video the noise stops and audio becomes clear again with the camera still powered- plug in the video signal and the noise comes back.
  13. I have notice during troubleshooting that I have perfectly clear audio when the CCD camera is not powered up so it seems the I'm getting all my innerferance noise from rf radiating from it and also notice that the wires are not shielded (the only ones are the wires/connectors I added) and the power wires run along with the video signal . I'm going to see if a seprate battery might help along with separating the wires and replacing them with shielded.
  14. Thanks for the reply Mr.rc-cam, I sent off a email to RV a couple of day's ago and still waiting for a reply. Yeah I'm not touching a thing until I'm sure on what to do.
  15. Here's the pic of the board inside the 900 RX. If anyone can help with which pots might help tune in the audio better that would be great.
  16. Update: I unpluged the mic and I have the same amount of noise .
  17. Hello, I'm new to this site and have been using Range Videos 900mhz setup with a patch anntenna and I really like it but, I'm having trouble with the audio and can't seem to get rid of the noise and I was reading a thread on here about the cheapy eBay wireless cameras having the same issue. The mic I'm using is a inline 1volt type recommended but I only hear static unless I tap on the mic then i can sorta hear it. When I remove the mic and just plug it in to my recorder it's perfect audio, so I'm left to believe the problem is with the TX or RX. any help would be great. Thanks Here's a link to the TX and I have the matching RX http://www.rangevideo.com/900mhz_500mw.html
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