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  1. Wow! That far more than I had expected =D Thats great news =) Then my next question would be, what type of camera would i need, i don't need anything that fancy. And what are the cheapes googles i can find, i don't need that good quality, as long as it's flyable. Where i need quality is on the recordings, and there good gooogles won't help. EDIT: Got one more question to toss inn: wich frequency has the best range/mw ratio, 2.5ghz or 900mhz? -Morten
  2. Ok, so heres my idea. I want to mount a camera on my rc plane and send the pictures to a portable telly so i can see in flight footage. I've been reading a little and come to the conclution that the average 2.5ghz "Spy camera" won't work well because of their low output power, am I right? So, I found this radio module: Radio module It has 500mv power. Approx how long range would this give me with a decent antenna? Any help apriciated. Regards Morten.
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