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  1. Greetings from New England (USA) Google "DelTang" in the UK, check the website, ask David if he can help you. Good luck! Dan
  2. I use r/c to operate my model trains. The whistle and bell sounds are normally activated by a controller with 2 tact switches, one for each sound. The controller is wired between the DC variable voltage power pack and locomotive sound module and motor. I'm looking for an r/c interface which will allow me to use my channel 3 throttle stick forward or back for a whistle or bell sound. The power for the engine is routed through the controller. Pressing one or the other tact switch apparently sends a signal to the sound module to activate the sound. Each tact switch is a normally off SPST switch. I would like to find an interface(s) that substitutes for the tact switches that lets me use my transmitter toggle to activate the sounds. I've heard of R/C bit switches and believe Pololu may offer these, but need help in finding the right interface. Your comments are welcome. Dan
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