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  1. Ops! I guess I am late on these tips. Thank you Kilrah. carlei_aeromidia.
  2. Hi folks, Recently I discovered that Aerocomm has dropped their price for SDK-AC4424-200 data modem, a development kit with two 2.4 GHz 200 mW transceivers, cables, software, AC power adapter, dipole antennas and adapter boards. All that stuff for U$ 199.95! Follow the links. http://www.aerocomm.com/OEM/SDK.htm and http://www.mouser.com/catalog/621/107.pdf Regards, carlei_aeromidia
  3. Mr. RC-CAM, Your second suggestion worked ok. Thank you for your kind help. carlei_aeromidia
  4. Sorry, but somehow my explorer browser cannot find this link. I cannot understand what is going on. carlei_aeromidia
  5. Hi Mr. RC-CAM, Shearching for software drivers link you referred (www.ew.usna.edu) could not be found. Do you think there is any typewriting error? Do you know any other source? Regards, carlei_aeromidia.
  6. Mr. RC-CAM. Thank you very much for your help. Cool tips. Regards, carlei_aeromidia
  7. Hi folks, I want to track my helicam position in real-time using gps receiver signal, on my laptop (of course, an assistant will be monitoring). I am searching for the most affordable and simplest way to achieve it. Does Tinytrak3 or PocketTracker from www.byonics.com fit my needs? Does it work well? If I opt for PocketTracker, since it has a 2-meter FM transmitter integrated, what receiver should I use on the ground, and how to connect this receiver to my laptop (OS Windows 98)? What GPS map software can I use? Other option commented by Cyber-flyer and others in this forum is to use Tinytrack2 with audio channel of a 2.4 GHz transmitter. If this is the case, how to connect Tinytrack to audio channel, since there is no audio connector output in Tinytrack2? How to translate audio signal via audio output from Blackwidowav (set 2) receiver to a computer protocol that can be reconized by GPS map software? Is it possible for Tinytrack3 also work with this configuration?, since Tinytrack2 has been discontinued? I already have these items: GPS receiver Garmin Geko 301 with serial cable, Blackwidowav 1watt 2.4GHz video-audio transmitter and receiver (set 2), laptop (OS Windows 98 SE), GPS softwares: 1- GPS Mapsource Worldmap from Garmin, 2- GPS Trackmaker Pro v. 3.8 with maps downloaded from the net. Any comments will be really appreciated. Roberto Carlei.
  8. Another MAHI project related picture from: Roberto Carlei
  9. Another MAHI project picture related from: Roberto Carlei
  10. Another MAHI project picture related from: Roberto Carlei
  11. Assembled my MAHI board last week in about 4-5 hours with the help of a friend. I used surgical nippers and microscope with 10-16x magnification (my job tools) that were of great help. It was a nice experience to see it working fine after assembling. Mr RC-CAM, I only found some hardware details that should be improved. S1, S2 and S3 switches should be together for a setup separate module. The LED should be solded not on the board, but a wire extension should be used to place it out on the box. To solve these hardware issues, I used a silicone tube with optical fiber inside to conduct LED brightness out of the box, and add 3 holes on the cap box, each one for the switches. If one is intending to use the MAHI board bare, it should not be an issue. I made a try, connecting it with TL100 telemetry board and it worked great with no video degradation. Video input will come from a DCR PC-100 Sony Mini-DV camera. Video output will be connected to two 2.4GHz 1W and one 900MHZ 500mW transmitters that wil be on board of a Nova Cuatro heli with OS 91-x spec engine and 800mm carbon blades, with a homemade pantilt camera system. On the ground I will use diversity system to select best video signal. The tests on the bench were gratifying. As soon as I have my records from field tests I will post for you to know. Now I am in the process of assembling the diversity system. See below the pictures related to my assembling work. Regards, Roberto Carlei
  12. Hi Thomas, I wish to purchase the MAHI parts Experimentor's Kit #2: Programmed PIC, PCB, all SMT components: $53 Please provide me with your PayPal acct information. Congratulations for the assembling instruction manual. Great job! Regards, Roberto Carlei.
  13. Hello Mr. RC-CAM, I also want one. Thanks. Roberto Carlei.
  14. Is there any amplifier developed to increase range for FM 72MHz transmitters? This issue came to my thoughts since the range for FPV video flying is growing up each day. How to reach 5000 feet or longer if my 72MHz transmitter signal may not follow this video signal range? On the other hand, if I stretch 72MHz transmitter range, I might be susceptible to far interference from other eventual aeromodellers. My interest on rising this discussion is because I intend to use new DSR technology from FMA Direct with their brand new FS8 72MHZ receiver and Co-pilot on my heli. This 8-channel FM receiver and flight stabilization system promises to reject any spurious interference from other radios that might be using the same frequency. If that is true, than I might increase my 72MHZ transmitter range using FPV video flight technology with more reliability. I would appreciate a lot to read your thoughts and comments. Regards from a far and lovely place (Brazil). Roberto Carlei.
  15. Hi Val, I meant one receiver on one channel with two CP patch antenna positioned vertical but opposite, and another receiver on different channel with a CP patch antenna positioned horizontal, then both video signal acquired by both receivers converges to a RCA adapter to a common video monitor. Does it make sense? I meant positioned vertically. Is that a nonsense? Sorry, I am miles away from being an electronics genius. Regards, Roberto Carlei.
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