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  1. Hello Mike , I can live with the gps only for now, may be you can update with altitude hold later .Where can I buy it? Giorgio
  2. Thanks for the suggestion ,but we already tried several times no answer. I thought that Mikep built somthing similar... I'm waiting maybe somebody else can help us. Giorgio & Simone Our video setup at www.noskylimit.50megs.com
  3. Does anybody know where I can get something like a PDC10 with altitude hold? Using the gps as the altitude hold would be great. I remember seeing a autopilot on Ebay that had these features called the AP4. Does anybody know where I can buy one of these? Simone & Giorgio
  4. We are using a stock OS.61 FX with a small modification on the carburator intake We tried with an Magnum .61 four stroke and an OS.46FX We reached 15,000 and 20,000 feet with these engines. I will post some pictures about the engine setup on the web tomorrow. So we are using the same fuel, but at least I didn't copy that! Giorgio
  5. Hello Val I wrote to AMA and FAI and I'm waiting an answer. But reading carefully the sporting code I think that this rulle applies only during contests and not during a record attempt,at least I hope so. What's fuel you did you use during the 24300 feet flight? We used for the first time 30% nitro Heli fuel , for all the other fligths we used 10% nitro. We also change the fuel line set up and the prop the same flight so now we don't know what is the right modification! Giorgio
  6. I have the official "book" from AMA that rappresent FAI in USA. Not a word about downlink data. I will really appreciate if you can find that rule. TAM actually sent telemetry data directly to the ground station in Irland 20 miles offshore,so the ground crew can find the plane . It wasn't a video but a telemetry data. If that rule is still valid that flight cannot be a FAI record. I'm really interested to know more abouth this topic. About the spin , no the fail safe turn on the FMA autopilot cut the engine at 50% move the camera down and activate the PDC10. It wasn't a fail safe situation because the camera didn't move from the position and also we have a RSSI on the RC receiver ( we copied it from you) and the signal was very good ( I cannot almost belive it at 7.2 KM high). The FMA was on but not a very high sensitivity. I'm scratching my head but I have only unproved theories! Giorgio
  7. For RC Cam Well, we are trying to figure it out, we had three spins during that flight. All over 20,000 feet. I don't think that is the FMA autopilot,it's probably that in thin air we need more speed. There is a table for full scale planes that tell you at what speed the plane enter in a spin at different altitudes. Now this is our biggest problem, we had fuel and we were climbing at 7/10 feet X second that means that in a few minutes we were really close to a record flight . The spin is our problem any ideas?. You probably didn't notice but the field straight down is where we park our car. During the spin Simone that was flying the plane from the video glasses was screaming M0VE THE CAR!!! Giorgio and Simone
  8. For Matt, well Cyberflyer is right but thank you anyway. You know is human nature to belive in the best thing for you. Like I said on my web site ,we can be sincere here,we are doing everthing for fun! Giorgio and Simone
  9. For Cyber Flyer, yes you are right, the Sky spy indicate a 1000 feet more that the GPSFLIGHT gps with 10 satellites that is very accurate. I just wrote an email to Paul at Sky Spy and he admitted that there is an error possibility at that altitude So you are still the one!. No for long anyway. What really troubles me are you comments on the FAI record that you cannot receive any data from your plane . I didn't find anything about sending data out of the plane . If this is true the TAM that just set a new FAI world record is not FAI legal. Please let me know where you read about this rule. Giorgio P.S. Did you ever safely land the airplane after it reached 24,300 feet........ Maybe you are not the one.
  10. "Nice! Do you have any plans for your plane?" Well, I did the design in the back of a kit drawing and during the construction I cut the paper several times, so the original drawing isn't good. Now I discoverd that FAI wants a three views drawing as part of the record's docs. So I'm redrawing the model with autocad and it will be available to everybody. It is a very simple plane but very strong ( 4000 feet in a spin it need to be strong) I'm also building an electric small version , the world record is very reasonable around 6,000 feet ( it is not easy with electric engine but feasible) I do not know if we will break the record but we having a lot of fun ! Giorgio
  11. It's all your fault , because without reading this forum we cannot belived that we can fly so high. Thanks to everybody in particular to Ciber Flyer ( we flew 50 feet higher) for your help. Check our update web site www.noskylimit.50megs.com for the latest movies. Giorgio and Simone
  12. Thank you to take a look at the site. Yes I know YS engines, I know that they are very powerful , but we are trying to keep the plane under the FAI regulation .that are engine .61 weight 11 pounds. Ys does’t have a .61 but only .63 Our first plane was a Sig Kadet but now we are flying a scratch built plane with a .61 Magnum and we reach 12,500 feet on few test flights. We are not monitoring temperature or changing the mixture. In theory you have to lean the engine going higher. In reality up to 12,000 feet we didn’t have any problem between 12,000 and 17,000 we try to lean the engine but the problem didn’t change. Again in theory a four strokes has to work better at high altitude because in more stable ,but in reality a OS .46 FX that we are using lately is working a lot better over 12,500 feet without a pump but only with the pressure from the muffler. We are not using a diversity receiver, We are using two receiver on the same channel with two different antennas, and we switch between the two manually. We really love to build a diversity receiver but we didn’t find the right circuit yes. We are using Sky spy that has more or less what we need, and by the way I don’t know how to build an overlay . I will post more information on the avionics at the web site very soon Giorgio
  13. Hello everybody , we learned a lot from this forum about the equipments available. Now we have an unprofessional web site with our videos and stories. www.noskylimit.50megs.com Let us know what you think about it. Giorgio and Simone
  14. what is the difference between a quadrature hybrid and a coupler? I want to build a turnstile antenna and need a quadrature hybrid. Raditek seems to substitute a coupler for it. can a coupler be used in the same way?
  15. We actually solved that problem at the ground station. The problem that we want to solve now is on the model airplane. We cannot install that kind of amplifier on the plane , too heavy too big. Any other ideas?. Thanks giorgio
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