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  1. I´m asking this because i converted my glow powered trainer 40 to electric and i´ve tested 10C to 15C-4S(4100mah) Lipo batterys and i came to the conclusion that they aren´t enough, so i changed to 20C - 4S and everything was fine, it didn´t get as hot as the previous and i could get more speed with the same propeller, i must say i´m using an 900Kv/ 900watt brushless motor . G
  2. Hi Waves, what is the flying time with the lipo you have at the moment (i think is 3300mha,...right ?) G
  3. Thanks Terry, i'll try it later,...now i need to put my hands on the module and make it work....! G
  4. Ok guys, just found the problem why i couldn´t read page 2,....., my acrobat was missing the chinese fonts wich is needed and i was just ignoring the installation window,..now...update done and i can see page 2 and is not blank , ahahhhh,...ok guys thanks for your help ! G
  5. My acrobat reader show me 4 pages, page 2 is blank ...so i only have 3 with data, Terry....tell.... me what do you see on page 2 on your computer,...i guess i´m missing something here !
  6. Yes it has, but can someone identify which one is the pin 1, 4, or 13,....i can´t,....thats the problem ! thanks
  7. Hi guys, recently i've purchased an Airwave 625 receiver but i noticed the datasheet has missing the pinout numbering on the module, so i can't figure out which pin is the 1, 2, 3 or other just by looking at it, has anyone ever tried this module and may have pinout config ? I've emailed them(supplier) for an answer but haven't got it . http://www.active-robots.com/products/radi...ts/awm625rx.pdf thanks in advance G
  8. Yep, you're right,...looks like these ones already incorporate 2x20pf capacitors,...., so it would be better to use it as a clock resonator ! thanks
  9. 'edited'.... clock resonator....uprocessors http://cgi.ebay.de/6-Mhz-3-PIN-CERAMIC-RES...Q2em118Q2el1247
  10. Doofer, do you mean something like this,...., no light comes in,...., total darkness inside ! Gil
  11. Hi, after using my gogles with a toal in my head to avoid luminosity,...i changed my mind and decided to build a mask for my googles,....., i´m posting some picts of it,...still didn´t finnished yet,...i hope i´ll make it untill the end of the week ! Gil
  12. ....I´m ready for it,...send me the board....ehehhhh GIL
  13. Thomas, my OSD doesn´t generate the sync from the video signal (don´t know about yours),...., if i disconect the video signal...i still have GPS data on the sreen on a blue background,....., for any reason if you lost video in your plane.....you will lost GPS information on the screen,....so this transport us to another problem......should we trust on the video link,....i think yes......, but we should have stand-by options,...i mean we should duplicate the GPS data coming to the ground by TX video link and also by using another TX( audio only for using modem data - NMEA & sensors),......, if any of these fails we still have data on our ground station,......, ok....you will say,....., this is not the right choice to small and light planes,....to much weight,...yes i´ll agree,......., but then if you´re using small and light planes you can not go too far distances( i mean above 6 miles or more ),......with data that cames by video TX only.... unless you´re using power above 1watt for TX on your video link ! You´re doing a nice job with your OSD and like i told you before.... if you could put and extra serial port for telemetry,....., that would be "gold over blue " ,...well at least for me ! Any way,...., i´m also in your costumers list for a new OSD,....., i have some ideias to duplicate the means to send data (NMEA & sensors) to my ground station ! GIL
  14. Mark, i just finnished my tests with my GPS connected to a transmitter audio channel by Tx modem and a video tester connected to the video channel,....., the OSD is receiving the GPS NMEA sentences via RX modem-RS232 port,....since the GPS is inside home i have no stellites in view,...but thats no problem,....., the system really works for me and that proves that i can have a grounded OSD on my ground station ! P.S- as you can see,...no problems with H-sync or V-sync GIL
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