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  1. Its been a while six years. I've had them ready for the last couple years. I finally got a couple guys together and they flew them, what a blast and lots of laughs, we even forgot to check the hit counter! so it was called a draw. Hears a pic of planes and link to a video I hope it works Thanks again Thomas for all you've done for us. ps: There is only one thing a top gun wants (more power)
  2. Thanks Mr.RC-Cam for the good news about the pic's Glad the firmware was written that way. Funny thing was I had the wdt unchecked as shown in first picture, when you load the hex file it automatically has wdt and mclr boxes unchecked and cp box checked. So IC-Prog or my programmer must not work right. Just downloaded newer verson of IC-Prog and checked the pic's and no wdt on them. Guess I need to be up to date. Thanks agan Mike
  3. Hi! I programmed a few pic12c509a chips with IC-Prog and a jdm programmer (PIC-PG2B) All chips programmed ok with, aws_v1_4.hex file and seem to work on breadboard. I only checked the fire response. My question is are these pics ok to use? I do not understand the wdt fuse is put on the burnt chips when it's unchecked on loaded file to be burnt. When I looked up Watch Dog Timer it talks about fail safe but I can't quite understand. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchdog_timer Just want to be sure it's safe to use in the air.Thanks Mike
  4. Guys I have built a couple modules that I would like to mount on slow sticks. If you have any pics that show your mounting on slow sticks or other planes please post them hear. Thanks flyboy1001e
  5. I just wanted to let you I tried a new ic, the cannon would just chirp and motor would run cut out run then just quit when plugged in. I started reading all post about AWS and found that the newer AWS system would work with the old module,just so happened to have a couple of your kits for the new module, so I breadboarded it up and went to try it out, the cannon sounded the led flashed. Move stick down then up and back down, no cannon or solid led. I decided to turn on the transmitter, and guess what it worked. Thanks RC Cam for your time and patience. Mike
  6. You were right ic is damaged, will order a few new ones. Thanks for all the help,and a great circuit. Mike
  7. So I assume I get the power and ground from the esc connection, not a seperate supply? I've had them a long time Thanks for your help Mr.RC-Cam.
  8. Sorry for the bad link. Posted here Thanks Mike
  9. Hi! Guys I built Top RC-Gun AWS circuit, the old one on perf board and could not get it to work. I decided to build it on a breadbord Could someone please check it and tell my were I'll wrong, as it does not seem to work either. Is the SCM suppost to sound when power is applied? Thanks Mike larger picture at http://www.flickr.com/photos/35172299-AT-N06/4448356995/
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