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  1. I am concerned that my packs will become unbalanced and fry. Looking at the new FMA charger now.
  2. Just had a question to those more knowledgeable in electronics than I. Most cell balancers that I have run across short (through resistance) the individual cell to control the charging of them. Rather than draining a LiPo pack while charging to balance it, why not build individual 1 cell chargers and connect them to each cell in a pack? I am thinking of using 3 Maxim 1508's to charge each cell individually in my 3 cell pack. Am I all wrong in my thinking? If I "nand" the finish signals, once the last charger completes, the finish LED will illuminate. Should I venture down this ro
  3. Hi, I already have pieced together my video transmitter and receiver setup and am now ready for step two. I have looked through the links pages but most of the stuff is GPS. I would just like a simple video overlay for alt., speed, RPM, voltage ect. Maybe a link to the overlay board MFG. site and some periferial stuff? Or maybe a cheap used system that someone has upgraded from? Thanks
  4. Your leap was not in vain. This seems to have fixed the dilemma. As a bonus, landing and strobe blink 1.25 Hz if the transmitter is not turned on first. I am using a Hitec 555 receiver looking for a Hitec transmitter (negitive shift) I have an Airtronics RD 6000 super transmitting on PPR modulation. Now, about that following strobe...
  5. OOOOH, That little detail! That's it. I was not cycling power to the Nav-Lights, but to the receiver while the Nav-Lights were plugged in. Thats why your the host and I'm a bug! I'm blinkin' and winkin' now. (where's nod?) Thank You for your patience and sharing these projects with us.
  6. Tried your tests with no change. I timed the strobe at 81 evenly spaced blinks per minute to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I turned on the transmitter and left it on. Throttle was low. Plugged in the receiver and got the single wink. Throttled up and then down and landing lights came on. Unplugged the receiver and throttled up. Plugged the receiver in and got single wink. Throttled down, up, down and landing lights came on. I have the PIC and components on a breadboard. There is nothing plugged into the receiver but a battery (4.8V) and the Nav-Light breadboard (C
  7. Hello, Programmed my 12C508A with the Nav-Lights hex and all works correctly...except. I cannot get the strobe to double wink, single only no matter what I have tried. I reset from + to pin 4 (with 4.7K ), Started with throttle up, throttle down, transmitter on first, receiver on first. The landing lights work correctly without the PIC reverse on. Any Ideas ?? Is it possible to get another strobe output that is offbeat from the first? Thank you for your help. Glen
  8. Finally figured out how to run IC Prog. You must select your device before loading a file! I was loading my file and then selecting the PIC. When you change PICs it erases the loaded file, that is why I was loosing my chips. (and my head!) Thanks again for all the help, and your email, Joe.
  9. Hey, Thanks so much for all you guys help! I set my IC Prog as Joe suggested and opened the file rcst_v1.hex, then I tried to open the file that came with IC Prog called disasmblr. It asked me if I wanted to swap bytes and naturally, not knowing what I was doing, I pushed YES. The buffer changed, checksum value changed and ID value was 0000. Now when I open up rcst_v1.hex, the fuses set themselves, oscillator looks right and the checksum and ID value are correct! Yahoo. Does it work? Hard telling. I attempted to "reprogram" the PICs I had hoping I did not burn them the first tim
  10. Forgot to say, I am loading the RCST servo tester .hex file into the 12C508A and different test and project .hex files into the 16F84A.
  11. Hello, Can anyone give me a bit of assistance in setup of my IC Program software? I have it setup and it burns a 16F84A no problem. I have done it a dozen times, but I tried to burn a 12C508A and have lunched 4. (I'll sell them cheap with whatever junk might happen to be in them!) They are not totally junk, I have the magic smoke still in them. I have a programmer called "multi chip programmer" that was developed by JDM. Like I said, works fine for the flash part so I am assuming it is electrically sound. I set my IC Prog to a 12C508A, uncheck WDT and MCLR, and check CP. Oscillat
  12. Hello, New to the forum , but not the site. I have been in R/C and electronics for a while and am starting to program PIC's from the special projects section. I have a few ideas for PIC uses but am no programmer. I have the Easy Microcontrol'n book, but by the time I get up to speed, the technology will be 2 steps behind. Does anyone know of a service that will create PIC programs at a nominal cost or how about someone who would go in half's on the Idea? Thanks for looking
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