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  1. hi Im from the UK and im struggling finding a camcorder with av in, I want one because of the high bit rate on these as the av recorders I have found / got only get to about 4mb/s which is reasonable but not as good as mini dv! The mini dv camcorders seem to be very rare at the moment (ones with AV) does anyone know if the new HD / hardisk camcorders have av input? if so is the quality going to be good? There seems to be plenty of models out at the moment. thanks sy
  2. Thanks mr RC-Cam that would be just fine for my flying area enyway itil be going on my easystar for testing. That looks very promising in that video nice and clear thanx terry looks like i mite have to try them as im struggling on 2.4 at the moment im going to order some of them modules shortly to have a play with. I have also moved to spektrum myself now so perhaps i can now have the 2.4 rc and 5.8 on video? terry it says on your video 4 way aerial is this a diversity module or x2 5.8 modules? Thanks guys Syco
  3. Hi there! Im having a bit of bad luck with 2.4 at my flying site as everyone is now on spectrum and FASST so i jus get encoding noise on my video, now im the only 1 flying on 35mhz (uk) and having to wait till no 1 is flying to play with my setup Jus spotted the 5.8ghz modules on activerobots site: http://www.active-robots.com/products/radi...v-modules.shtml Has anyone tried them? I can get some 5.8ghz omni antennas, The only problem would be absolutly critical that the sma connector is mounted correctly. at 500feet as it says on the specification this mite not be practic
  4. Hi all This topic mite have been brought up already but i havnt forund it yet Strange Interference Problem I have x2 DE-SW050 switch regs and when i connect either of them up to my system the range on the R/C system is reduced and i get excessive twitching on all servos, Ive tried different placements in the model, did not resolve, it i even wrapped the futaba receiver in foil still did not cure it I also tried a different reciever dual conversion and single conversion and it still does the same thing.???? both recievers are new. My radio is fine as i fly my other models on this
  5. Hi guys not been on for a while My easystar system is now up and running and only had 1 attempt to fly fpv at this time, very strange indeed but good my system still has a few teething probs with video but im getting there only pictures ive got atm was when the recorded video was done on an hi8 camcorder so qualty wasnt the best but ok, i have now got an archos 605wifi recorder but not done eny video yet.
  6. Hi guys went to purchase my easy star today come with motor and prop only- i also purchased some multiplex nano s servos aswel. am unsure about brushless motor and ESC tho i have 2500mah 7.4v lipo want to be used to power cam pan/tilt servos & tx aswel to keep weight down i will have to build regulator. found a packet of lm2940's in my spares box dunno why i had them but glad i did mite be useful any ideas would be appreciated. Thanx SyCo
  7. Hi guys thanks for the speedy reply thanks for the links Vrflyer will check them out Oops i overlooked the videotx power limit will have to check that out Is it 10mw max in uk? or in certain areas? if so i will have to build a good rx antenna. SyCo
  8. Hi ther Im a new member here from uk Looking at the videos of the FPV projects has inspired me to have a go an do it myself nice 1 guys , Anyway i hav good electronics skills so soldering is not a problem! I will use the easystar as i will be flying at the local park just up the road and has the FPV original setup (Thanx Vrflyer brill project youve created ). I am going to order the parts starting next week, first on the list is the AV Tx and RX moduals and camera modual, im going for the Airwave 612 RFTX and 623 RFRX from active robots, and the Kx-131 from blackwidowav once the
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