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  1. I purchased a system from www.futurehobbies.com .
  2. I have the other I Theater glasses. I haven't seen the xt models before. As for as the Ebay seller his name is medichoice. I looked through his feedback history and noticed that he has sold several pair of the glasses for $159.
  3. I can only comment on the I-Theater glasses. I bought a pair on Ebay for $180 shipped. I was originally going to buy the ones from future hobbies but after trying the I-Theater glasses I'm completely satisfied with them.
  4. I recently made a purchase from futurehobbies.com and had no problems. The equipment is great and they responded to my email regarding stock availability within minutes.
  5. Welcome, I'm new myself but I recently purchased a 500mw video system from future hobbies and a patch antenna from range video. For more info on what and where to purchase check out this link. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=620659
  6. That's a very nice setup you have. The video was awesome!! I'm currently working on a fpv setup with an easy star. I have a couple of more components to get and I'll be done.
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