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  1. I think I see 5 wires, not 4. Is more better?
  2. Right, I saw that at Radio Shack when I was browsing. For 29 bucks for two, I wanted to make sure they were usable, and apparantly, the yb2normal antenna is the stuff, unless I go for a more powerful transmitter. Maybe something along the lines of blackwidow's products... appreciate the info! I can see myself eventuallu doing the GPS / overlay / mapping software at some point. I could use some recommendations on that as well. I'd love to see a matrix with all the "approved solutions" in it. I'd take a stab at it if I knew more about what I was doing Bill
  3. Thanks for the info. Very enlightening. I would like to get more range, eventually. The place where we fly lets us get very very high on clear days. I made the yb2normal antenna and installed it. It makes a good bit of improvement. I'll try to check it out for range soon. It has been too cold here in Kentucky lately. Could you recommend a stronger transmitter for when the time comes? And would I need a better receiver as well? thanks! BIll
  4. Ok, I have built my rc-cam4. Sweet. All powered by a 4.8 nicad pack. I am experimenting with different antennas on the transmitter now. I plan to swap the current dipole antenna with the one designed by yb2normal. I still wonder if the add on 2.4 ghz router antennas sold at Radio Shack would be preferable. Size is not an issue. I will have the rccam on a several huge airplanes. This begs another question - could I have some sort of dipole antenna run, say, the length of an rc airplane (let's say 70+ inches) and have even better transmitting capabilities? thanks for any thought
  5. thanks! I couldn't get Yb2's site up before. Old link, I suppose. Might go that route, or bigger. thanks!
  6. folks, I have my camera (rc-cam4 - awesome) up and running. Here's my question: I have the Xcam2 receiver with the groundplane patch antenna on it, completely stock. The transmitter has the dipole antenna, instead of the original patch. if I wanted to spend 50-100 bucks on antennas for both units, what is the most bang for the buck? Or would some sort of amplifier be smarter? thanks! Bill
  7. Eureka, I have it figured out. Sometimes, it is the simple things. I took everyone's advice and tried the mic on a VCR. Nothing...so I said to myself - check the continuity, dummy. That's when I found out that WHITE is positive, and RED is audio.... soo simple. Now I am rocking and rolling like a big dog!!! Thanks everyone! Very cool. Bill the gratefull
  8. first of all, really appreciate the help! I have two power sources in use. Transmitter: I have two 9 volt batteries wired in series, using a rectifier to supply 12 volts. It is wired into the original external power supply cord of the X10 tansmitter. I have not removed any of the existing wiring. I have only severed the original 5 wires going to the original cmos camera on the plastick stalk. It is to these wires I am connecting (or attempting to). One of these wires is the red + lead, which never seems to connect to the transmitter board, but instead wound through a hole on the b
  9. Great, thanks for the info. I'll check it out. I believe it may be something else with the way I have it wired... My question is this - on the rccam4, the positive lead of the dc-dc converter goes to the Anode side of the diode. On my rig, I use a battery pack. I have the power going to the original power wiring, which does not terminate on the anode. The red + lead actually passes through the transmitter board, and terminates on the board of the old camera. I currently have this red wire positive lead going to the mic. Do I have this whacked? I know it is something simple, but I
  10. I am doing th eXcam 4 project, sort of. I have a panasonic ccd camera working satisfactorily, but cannot get the pre-amped mic to work. It is a SuperCircuits #PA3 with three connections - power/ground and signal/ground. The grounds are wound together. I am powering it off the X10 transmitter board leads. The transmitter gets its power from two 9 volt batteries wired in series, using a rectifier to make it 12 volts. The mic is rated at 12 volts. I am obvioisly doing something wrong... I have it wired to the transmitter ground, the audio wire (white), and the red power wire. an
  11. I saw a pair of linksys 2.4 router antennas, which are supposed to boost reception and transmission of their wireless gateway routers. It is carried in Radio shack for about 29 bucks a pair. Would it be worth connecting this to the transmitter and receiver of, say the rc-cam4? I have a similar setup, but have not made the dipole antenna yet. thoughts? Bill
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