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  1. Cool thanks guys. So Kilrah, which part of that plane did you make? My background is in video/electronics but not flying or RC. While the principle of this is in itself pretty simple, I can see a heck of a lot of problems would have been overome and fine tunign needed.
  2. Hi, new to the forum and to this whole thing but would like to get involved. I would very much like to contact the guy who put this together: MAKE magazine article He links to this site in his end credits. Can anyone help me contact him? thanks.
  3. There is actually a much simpler way - the Y-adaptor method is perfectly sound provided you remove the 75 ohm termination from the first device (and leave the one at the end of the cable). If you plan to use the device without the splitter sometimes, simply fit a switch to put the resistor in or out of circuit as required. So long as your circuit has only one termination (verify it with an ohmeter) you can chain several devices without signal loss. However the nature of the connections and cables becomes important for longer connections (of the order of metres) - you should use properly des
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