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  1. Hello Kilrah, What camera where you using in your last video? Rick
  2. Well I am new to this and am very excited about FPV. I just bought a Multiplex Easy Glider. Can anyone recommend a motor setup? Thanks, Rick
  3. Hello, I am intersted in hearing what everyone is using for a airframe and why? Thanks, Rick
  4. Hello Terry, I live in S. California about 45 minutes S. LA. Thanks, Rick
  5. Hello, I am new to this and am very interested in building a complete FPV system similar to the one as seen on RC-tech http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/index.php?page=s...emart&Itemid=26 I am on a budget. Can someone please direct me in the right direction. Is the one on RC-tech a good value and good quality or are there other components that can be pieced togther to provide better value and quality? Wht is the high end equipment? I would like to build this system right the first time. Thanks, Rick
  6. I was not planning on flying the jet with the goggles. I thought it would interesting to have someone experience flying as a passenger on the jet. Rick
  7. Hello, I am very interested in the rc cam system that was built by VRflyer and Kilray. Can someone please guide me with is involved in putting together someting like this. I am totally new to rc cam and would either like to build something like this or buy a complete package if it is available for a turbine jet. Are there any links that discuss what are the best components and how to build such as system? I am totally clueless. (714) 342-1040 Thanks, Rick
  8. Hello, I to am very interested in speaking with VRflyer (714) 342-1040 Thanks, Rick
  9. Hello, I am new to this forum and do not know anything about RC-Cam, but what I do know is that I am very interested in learning more. I became very interested in RC-cam when is saw this link http://www.therawfeed.com/2006/09/vr-gear-...oolest-toy.html A Canadian who built a plane with a wireless camera. Can anyone please direct to this individual or what is needed to build or buy such a system. I would like to intall it in one of my turbine jets. (714) 342-1040 Thanks, Rick
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