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  1. I understand what you are saying Mr.RC, Its the code thats taking the time for me,especialy the PID,although I'm not fully convinced a full PID is needed? time will tell! Terry I am very interested you are using a Gyro for stabilisation.I have one of the original Rotomotion 6 DOF kits I assembled a while ago though I see they don't supply them in kit anymore. I would be interested to know you'r gyro setup? All the best Lyn.
  2. Hi Wavess. Welcome on board! I have bought most of my cameras from: http://www.rfconcepts.co.uk/ I think they're a good source of board and bullet cam's from SONY and other's. Best of luck Lyn.
  3. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to use speed hold with altitude hold,it depends upon your intended use! If you put your platform at the disired altitude,pilot in control,it should only be necessary for the altitude hold to make small adjustments. If the throttle is given limits within software I think that's going to be enough.Feel free to let me know if you think otherwise.
  4. The way I see it Terry,is to control altitude via the throttle,and control speed via the elevator. That is the way I'v gone after much research into other systems. Lyn.
  5. I did try to find out how far Mike had got ,all I found was the schematics! So If Crash Pilot has source code he's one up on me. Anyhow as I'v based mine around a AVR mega8 micro I don't know how much benefit the code would be to me now. This project streches back a while as it's pressure sensor is a Freescale 4115,seemed good enough at the tlme,I'm also using an op-amp to get better resolution. Lyn.
  6. It was from Mike's original idea that I was inspired to develop my own altitude hold. That is a strange thing about Mike,has any one on the forum heard from him? Lyn
  7. I did'nt notice Mr.RC's last post before I posted! So maybe if you'r going to give it a shot ,Mr R, I ought to get back to 24
  8. Hi. I hope this does'nt sound like another "allmost there project" BUT I think with all my other projects aside. I'm a few weeks away from a full baro. altitude logging/hold system. As I'm a hardware guy at heart,it's the software for the AVR thats been ,and still is, a steep learning curve! Well O.K. that and trying to stay away from Jack Bauer and the 4th series of 24. Lyn.
  9. Hi stpfl. If you are using the same power source ie flight battery to power you'r transmitter and flight motor you can expect problems. Does the video improve when you throttle off (turn the motor off)but still under r/c control? Try using a totally isolated power supply for you'r video transmitter!
  10. Johnstorm

    UAV Help

    I have to agree with Dan on this one! I see it in a few stages 1. Total confidece in manual flight control (PIC). 2. Fit and use camera/video link. 3. Fit , integrate and use (CIC) Computer In Control, interface while in R/C range. Then and I stress only then 'fit bicycle clips' and hope for the best. I am at a stage where under GPS control my machine will return to 'Home' but I am still very reluctant to go outside R/C range. All I'm saying is watch you'r step and don't take this project to lightly! Best of luck Lyn.
  11. I expected more/some flashing lights,smoke etc.
  12. If you plan to link all 7 arm's to dis-engage at the same time, why not use a stepper motor. most are industrial spec and can take some abuse!
  13. Hi Paul. Why would you want a v. reg on a 4.8V supply,or have I missed something? Lyn.
  14. Hi. Kilrah, I have shyed away from switching regulators, I was more than a little concerned regarding EM Interference. In your experience is this a genuine concern for you ? Lyn.
  15. On a practical note Terry how do you plan to mount your board to your airframe, and achieve adequate airflow for your regulator. Lyn.
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