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  1. Ok, will get to it but first i have to learn a bit more about how to do this aerial video lark so I can improve my results!
  2. Hi, yes Legoland is just down the road from me and I have been there a few times with my nephews. Bringing this back on topic, perhaps one day I can sneak in to their carpark and take some AV of the theme park to bring back some memories for you...?!
  3. Thanks guys, I'm going to look into this further. I really want to create beautiful movies so I'll be looking for some scenic locations to fly in too. I have Windsor Castle just down the road from me, so I have a feeling that will feature in a film sometime soon.
  4. Hi Guys.. I'm flying an aerial video setup right now based on an Easystar carrying a mini CCD video camera directly cabled to an onboard mini DVR (ie. no wireless involved). The DVR weighs 86g and gives me excellent results with no frame drops or interference, so I'm wondering whether there's any advantage in going wireless...? On the plus side it opens up the possibility of wearing those natty video goggles and potentially improving shot framing in flight by getting a live picture for monitoring whilst flying, also maybe it saves some onboard weight which leads me on to my question... The Active Robots site doesn't specify the weight of the Airwaves 612 module and even if it did I guess there's extra bits to add to make a working wireless TX system. So what all up weight might be anticipated..? Unless it's much less than my 86g DVR then maybe I should stick with what I have - or am I missing some other advantages..? Ps. Big hello to the guru of airborne video, VRflyer. A mention of rc-cam.com on one of his youtube videos first led me here. He's the boss!
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