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  1. Does anyone have a general idea of the range on 2.4gHz camera setups or does it very greatly?
  2. What kind of range are you getting with that 900 mhz Tx and Rx set up?
  3. Haha Ok. That statement gives me a bad feeling about this... Do you guys have any good information on GPS setups and ground recievers?
  4. 250 bucks from the school. Any other money comes from me or Corporate Sponsors. Thanks a lot for the information. I should be working with a Robotics Engineer or an Electric Engineer for the project. (Not really sure what the difference is) This projects supposed to last me a year so using a premade body probably won't be my best route.
  5. Hello, I hope this is in the right place. I'm doing a major research project for my High School Graduation. I go to a Science and Math Magnet school and we've spent three years prepping for this so it's kind of big. I've always been interested in RC Planes/ UAVs unfortunately I've never really had the chance to get started with RC Planes so I don't know much about the topic so I need a lot of help. I'll be building this whole thing from the ground up if it goes as planned. Some sort of stiff foam for the main parts. The thing is I need it to basically be an UAV. I need a GPS tra
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