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  1. Yes, thank you for this answer. As I post in different place, I gather the answer to share all info.
  2. Thank you for your answers and the link oif the datasheet ! => " The programmed frequency can be calculated by multiplying the programmed division ratio by 16 times the comparison frequency Fcomp. [...] Note that the comparison frequency is 7·8125kHz when a 4MHz reference is used. " => 7·8125 * 16 = 125kHz What about the input impedance, which is given for 75Ohms in RMRC web site? Is it right to say my 50Ohms antenna will no match correctly with this receiver and I should by a 75Ohms antenna ? Rare Antenna Impedance is given by the retailer, so I don't have a clu
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some help. I want to make a 1.2ghz frequency scanner with an old 1.2Ghz receiver. In fact, I replace the current receiver with the comtech module. And, rather than throughing away the replaced module, I have planned to use it. I have two question in mind about how works this type of module : - The Tun voltage is 9V for 1500Mhz. All frequency I'm want to scan go up to 1500Mhz. Is that a good choice to apply 5V (1250MHz) instead ? - From a post, I read that Where does he find this formula? and the 62.5KHz?
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