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    Landtastic question

    It looks like I'll have to purchase a new radio system. I was hoping to put it off a while longer; I'm still flying on 35MHz but bought the system (Graupner MX-16) just in the period when 2.4GHz was still new and wanted to stick with working and safe technology at the time.
  2. kvlasblom

    Landtastic question

    Oh now I see; you added info to your earlier post. I just saw it too late.
  3. kvlasblom

    Landtastic question

    Oh no! I overlooked what you had written before, "But at all other times the servo position follows the stick position that is provided. So I doubt this will work for you." How could I be so dumb! I will have to think of an alternative solution......
  4. kvlasblom

    Landtastic question

    Hi Thomas, or anyone else able to help, I have made the circuit, programmed the chip and it is all working really nicely! ...except... I can't get it to ignore the switch in the first half of the full range. So when I move my 3-position switch from 0 to 50%, the servo moves 50%. When I move the switch from 50% to 100%, the servo travels the rest of the way to 100%. I need the servo to move from 0% to 100% once the switch is in the third position, but to ignore the 0%-50% range. It would seem that the system is constantly responding to signal changes, regardless of the signal region, because if I put the unit on my elevator channel, even after running through the configuration sequence, it responds to all inputs. Please help...
  5. kvlasblom

    Landtastic question

    Thanks for the quick reply, Thomas! Sorry for the silly servo question. I'm impressed with your answer about the thresholds - how on earth did you know that?! Anyway, this means that it will solve my problem, thank you! This is going to save me a channel. I will have to find one of those programming units for the PC first, sorry I don't remember what they're called; last time I used one was in the mid nineties! I live in the Netherlands but I'm sure that Conrad in Germany will sell them.
  6. kvlasblom

    Landtastic question

    Hi, I have a question about the Landtastic project. I have one spare channel on my R/C system which I want to use for the model's lighting on a three position switch. I would like to use the Landtastic unit to retract the landing lights, once the switch is in the furthest position. Can you program it to do that, so that it does not respond to the switch in the middle, but only in the last position (when the signal is at 100%)? Step 4 in the setup sequence looks like it might configure that, but I fear that this configures the end position of the servo. Can anyone help me please? A second question is; can I use a standard servo or does it have to be a retract servo? I have a Hitec HS225BB servo. Many thanks!