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  1. Thanks again, this time, it works like a charm!
  2. Thank you so much! I will try to set it up. Looks like you used a much largen fan than I did - mine was only 40x40mm, thus having much lower throughput. Edit: I downloaded the stl file, it has approx. 210kB, but I can neither import it into any of my 3D modelling applications nor load it into the Repetier Host software - could it be that the file upload did not work properly? Sorry for the hazzle...
  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing your findings on the Geeetech I3 Pro - I got the same kit some weeks ago, and I'm still struggling with finding the optimal settings as well as meaningful extensions. Amongst others, I have created my own cooling fan, but it is not working as effectively as I imagined. In one of the pictures above, I can see your cooling fan - would you share your design? Are you satisfied with the results it gives? What type of fan are you using (i.e. specs)? Thanks, kind regards, Momme
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