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  1. Thank you so much I will get back to you with the answer.
  2. I'm sorry but I edited my question. the one you replied to was the non-edited one. I know its a 100k ntc thermistor but when i'm building firmware, I need to select what kind of thermistor it is, like the specifications. which option do I select?
  3. hello, I've bought a Geeetech MK8 extruder, and I want to know which kind of thermistor is used for this extruder. I know it's a 100K NTC one, but when I'm building firmware I need to know the specifications. Which one do I choose? Can someone tell me what kind of thermistor it is please? Also when I'm building firmware, I need to know specifications for the gear attached to the stepper. Can someone tell me how many teeth it has and what the pitch is also? thanks a lot, Mitch.
  4. Can someone tell me how many Volts and Amps I should supply to this to make it heat up to required temperature without destroying it? I think I'll supply 12 volts, but I don't know how many amps to give it. Is it like a heatbed and uses tons of current? Please tell me the number of amps i need asap. Thanks, mitch
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