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  1. I tried to post pics but it says they are to big, so lets try this, With the quad in your hands and the front of the quad facing right, you should be looking at the external rx pins, the top pins are for the Rx and bottom is a V5 out, So top pin to the right is the Sbus wire the mid is power and the one on the left is negative, The Rx just sits under the video Tx, I haven't seen any distance problems, hope this helps.
  2. I put the same Rx in my rodeo, its not hard if you can solder thats a plus then you can hid the wires, I just ran the wire that comes with the Rx down the side of the rodeo to the S-bus pins and soldered them to the pins on the inside of the frame.I put the Rx is the stock location, but i did cut the two stand offs out that holed the VTX the ones in the middle of the frame.
  3. Thanks for the vid ! Thats how i have it setup, still nothing, Im wondering if there is something on the FC i need to hook up, Like battery to get the volts to show. Thanks G
  4. I think im just chasing my tale, what im trying to do is get battery volt sent to my taranis..
  5. Sorry to be a pain in a$$, i see uart2 is open, but dont we need uart2 on the FC to be open too? I have tried it and i dont get anything, I watched some videos on it and they show picking the same uart. Thanks for your time and help.. G
  6. HI, Sbus works as advertised, i will look more on the smartport telm work. Thanks for you help. G
  7. Hey would you know how to hook the telemetry to the FC on this, I am installing this Rx FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH Receiver and going with Sbus. Thanks G
  8. Ok I don't know if that is the same thing ,On my other quads with a naze32 I can do a stick command left stick down and to the right and my right stick up or in mid and starte from left to right and pick one of three setting, the FC will beep too the one I pic.is that the same thing as in the video? Thanks for the help, one more thing when I do a cli Dump it puts a long code at the bottom and it won't let me scroll up and down,just stays in the down spot .....
  9. Hey sorry to ask, but do you know how to get the profiles to work with the Tx, as in being able to switch between them with the Tx ? Thanks G
  10. I just ran a razor blade around the lens and it came right out, Maybe they were out of glue the day mine was put together.
  11. Hey, have you tried to replace the lens in the stock camera to see how it does say with a 120 or 90deg lens??
  12. Man Thanks for all you are doing, my rodeo will be here tomorrow, cant wait..
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