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  1. GregO

    Hobby Zone X-Port

    I'm a newbie. What is a "5 signal"?
  2. GregO

    Hobby Zone X-Port

    Anyone else have ideas about the output of the X-Port?
  3. GregO

    Hobby Zone X-Port

    I was thinking that if the camera was small/light enough, it wouldn't do anything worse for flight characteristics than the Sonic Combat Module, which the plane was designed to carry.
  4. GregO

    Hobby Zone X-Port

    I just bought my 1st R/C plane. It's a Hobby Zone Fighterbird (a friend has one and I'm looking forward to the dogfighting.) Anyway, I was thinking of trying the whole aerial photography thing also. Does anyone know the details on the X-port specs? I'd like to use the X-port to trigger the camera. Also, has anyone else thought of unusual uses for the X-port?