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  1. At work atm so don't have it in front of me, but there are 5 wires on the XSR, do all five connect to the external pins?
  2. I install energy management systems for a living so the soldering part isn't the biggest worry, just making sure things are where they need to be is lol... and am I correct in that your saying I need to snip the wires at one end of the XSR cable and solder them to the corresponding pins at the external rx port? Would you happen to have a pic or be able to tell me which color wire goes to each pin? Have you noticed any difference in distance? I see the XSR antennas are considerably shorter than the stock rx. And with cutting the stand offs out, how did you mound the frsky rx? Thank you very muc
  3. Hey guys, new here to the rc-cam forum and hopped over from rc groups after I read one of your posts over there and it led me here. First, thank you for all the great information over a spread of topics Mr.RC-Cam, and it's actually your post that led me here to the second part of my post...I was hoping to find some help and after crawling through endless posts and searches I've landed exactly where I have tried to be for so long lol...I bought the rodeo kind of the way you did, priced too good to pass up, and although I'm relatively new to the sport of quad flying, I've been able to pick up on
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