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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm in this fight to schedule PICs a year ago. I am an Electrical Engineer, and I can evolve well. I decided to start with PIC12C509A ... I realize after about 3 weeks, that was not a good choice. But as challenges are needed in any learning, I insisted on the 509A I had not noticed, nor read that it is OTP type. Only after buying and using a K150, since PICKIT3 does not support the 509A, I noticed that it only records once and it is ready because its memory is not FLASH. I also had huge problems with OSCCAL until I resolved to change the .hex to the OSCCAL value of the chip to be written. From that point, everything worked and I was able to program the blessed 12C509A ... but only once. I learned doing and reading datashet, of course. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017, everyone
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