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  1. If I (electronically muddled) can get this to work, so can anyone else who is willing to ask a few questions along the way. I now have my clover leaf antenna and a helical antenna working simultaneously, plus I can see what channel I am set to on the readout. This rocks!!!
  2. wow! Thanks so for all the info. You totally went out of your way. I found that on the edge of our Headplay board there is a 12v a 5v and a 3.3v solder pad. I connected the Chinese diversity up to the 5v and a ground and took my own voltage regulator out of the circuit. It seems to work fine now, on my bench at least. Goes through all its menus and displays which receiver A or B is getting the best channel. It does seem to have trouble finding my channel. Often stops on some random channel or right near my channel.. At least it reads it out and allows me to adjust manually. I like t
  3. Thanks again. Sounds good, though I agree something seems amiss. Time to sleep.
  4. Again, I understand that I have an off brand Chinese diversity module, and you may not have answers for me. I have my China Diversity module connected without your buffer at the moment. It wold turn on then shut down to just a series of Chinese letters. Well I switched from my 3 cell to a two cell and now it works fine. On the three cell is shuts back down. The voltage going to the diversity module is 4.2v on the two cell (maybe needs a charge) and 4.85 on the three cell. The module says it wants 3.5v to 5.5v. At any rate, I bought the low voltage 5v buzzer as well and the module has the
  5. Should the diversity board power right up? I get something that looks like Chinese characters and no response to the button. Sorry for all the questions.
  6. Oh, and can you give a link to the buzzer you have installed. Is the low voltage circuitry internal to the buzzer as I do not see any in the pic. Thanks again Kingdon
  7. You mentioned that the Chinese diversity units are often different, so I understand if you don't have an answer to my question. The diversity unit I purchased http://www.ebay.com/itm/112065477304?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT lists power suppy as 3.5v-5.5v. I am assuming therefore that I will need a voltage regulator. I am guessing that I will also connect your buffer circuit to the same regulated 5v. Is that correct? Either way thanks for coming up with this setup. Kingdon
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