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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback, fully understood. I did not appreciate that the connector was not used as I have not stripped the Rodeo yet. Cables and resistor ordered and have checked my USB adaptor and see the jumper to remove. May I ask once the mod is completed are you able to flash the MicroMinim OSD board by connecting to the Rodeo USB input for the FC or do you have to remove the top canopy to do that? Parts should be here in a day or two and I might get time to have a crack at it this weekend, will let you know how I get on. Thanks again your advice is very much appreciated.
  2. Hi I found this thread while searching on Google as I really would like to add an OSD for my Rodeo. I am new to the hobby and have spent many hours on Liftoff racing drone simulator which has an OSD with artificial horizon etc. Now I have taken the step to fly a real quad copter I really miss the OSD and found it really helped me in the sim, besides which battery voltage would be extremely useful as the Rodeo has quite a limited flight time and with the TX5832 FCC VTX I have added I can be up to 450 metres away when the buzzer starts. I found your instructions quite easy to understand, I have already flashed another Quad I am in progress building with OSD using Arduino Nano added the fonts and configured it using the GUI and tested it successfully with my on table connected FPV System. I have already ordered the OSD board and the connectors as I want a clean install and ability to remove it or move it to another Rodeo if this one does not stand the test of my novice flying skills. There are just a three questions I would like to ask if you would not mind helping me. 1. To connect to the JST connector rather than solder the FC as you mention above, would you just patch into the pin 3 and 4 cables by cutting and soldering or is there a better way to achieve the result without modifying the rodeo in any way? 2. Secondly as I am not an electronics expert I was unsure what 1K OHM resistors to order from Ebay could you confirm if these at this link are suitable or provide me a link to those that are? I assume you just wire these in between the cable and the connector and not cross connect the cables as I cannot see clearly how you have wired these resistors in your photograph? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5x-1000-1K-1K00-ohm-2W-2-Watt-Metal-Film-Resistor-/180709841671?hash=item2a13255b07:g:RVgAAOxyf1dTI-4n 3. You say " A word of warning. Powering the MinimOSD from the USB interface can sometimes result in corrupt firmware or fonts. That is because the main OSD chip on the board is a Chinese counterfeit clone/copy that does not like the "5V" provided by some USB ports. Instead it needs clean 5.0V during flashing. My solution is to remove the 5V jumper on my FTDI USB serial port dongle and power the OSD from external 5VDC" I did not really understand this part and wondered if you could explain and maybe provide a link to the FTDI USB serial port dongle you refer to? I am very grateful for you taking the time to put this post together and in such a meticulous and easy to understand way, I have really enjoyed reading it and looking forward to completing the mod for myself. Best wishes Glenn
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