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  1. If you like, you can email me your requirements, and as long as it's not too complex give me a day or 2 to code it for you, then if you just buy a cheap programmer you can use the hex code to program it and yr off - else if you can send me some coin, I'll post you out some programmed chips. Programing boards are pretty cheap tho, I recommend the P16PRO40, it's very cheap - you can buy it either pre assembled or in kit form, and best of all it takes a huge range of chips. One thing with it tho - make sure you invest a lil extra for a 40 pin ZIF socket - it just makes burning an absolute bre
  2. I'm looking at building a small ROV with a 2 axis panning camera (2 micro servos) I want to be able to have video glasses with a sensor of sorts to tell it in which direction your head is pointing. I've thought about a 3 axis hall effect sensor - and using the earths flux lines as a reference. But the ones on the market seem to have either too low res - or they have a settling time of just under half a second - which I think would make you feel sick. I've also thought about using 4 photodiodes mounted 90 degrees to each other in a corner cube type configuration, and having a modulated IR
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