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  1. No, unfortunately its not a little noisy like in the video you linked, its really bad. I checked today with different channels and antennas and found out that one of the receivers seems to have problems. If I move one antenna from one side to the other, the pictures fine on the left rx but totally distorted (even when only meters away) on the right one. Think I will need to return the rx to banggood...
  2. Great project, I loved building this! Everything fits together very well and the instructions are good. Just a few remarks and questions: - Your pictures show all ground wires from the DVR to the buffer board, I did only connect a single lead to save some space - Your schematic does not show +5V/GND connections of the DVR - The top screw was a little short I think, could use 16mm - My RX5808 pinout showed the OLED Port in the middle and +5V/GND on the side, but I wired it up as you suggested as both pins (VCC and +5V) deliver 5V - How did you calibrate the diversity board? I read the instructions saying the board will measure max and min RSSI and ideally I should remove the antenna, how is this supposed to measure max RSSI without antenna? - I have a lot of noise but improved range (compared to the builtin rx), any clue where the noise could come from? Again, great project and many thanks for taking the time to document it for us.