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  1. Sending you a Paypal payment for one please. @luckyflyer
  2. I would be glad to trade a board for a printed case. I have PLA in red, orange, green & yellow. If you don't want to trade, I am definitely interested in just the board. Have you taken a picture of this attached to the whole project?
  3. Here's the chip. Is there a dot at the bottom left? The chip is sooo small.
  4. Aw man! I thought Mouser was good. Well, I did buy two chips and four converter boards. Thanks!
  5. I cannot identify the input pin 1 on my Video Amp IC, even after looking at the spec sheet. Is it the bottom left with the text facing? There is not dot.
  6. This is a great build. Thanks for putting it all together. I have everything but the 4 pin connectors between the Headplay board and the buffer board. What did you use there? I've done some searching today but came up with nothing.