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  1. Hello, I am looking for the diagram of this electronic circuit, would you have that? Thanks.
  2. So the NWM662JRX module is the equivalent of the RX5808? And both are based on the RTC6715?
  3. I fly with an airplane MTD (My Twin Dream) which is made to fly far and high. The circular polarization is made for people who fly very low among the trees, etc ... When flying high there are no multiple reflections as we are in free field. You do not agree with her? So for me I thought linear polarization was good for high flying. I just found this on this forum: Terry say: The only other thing worth a word is that pointing the aerial out the bottom of your plane is IMO the only way. The short wavelength of 5.8Ghz seems to be blocked very easy by servos or leads or almost anything. You will get interference simular to multipath but it is not. So the frequencies 1.2 or 2.4 for the video are less sensitive to the multiple path? I understand better your question from the beginning. Do you have brands and receiver references using the Richwave Rx chip? I found on google that the UNO5800 use the module NWM662JPX, is it a specific module developed by ImmersionRC or some things like a RX5808 for example because I can not find information about this module.
  4. I'm surprised, I did not think that frequency had a role in polarization ... I will use the 5.8Ghz.
  5. Hello, What kind of polarization do you recommend for long-distance flying so without obstacles with a plane that always flies in a straight line and flat. Another question, are there any receivers making more than -85 or -90dbm of sensitivity? Thank you
  6. I learn a lot about this forum and thank you. So for you this value is normal? I did what was right here. Is not that good then? http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?18100-Dio-s-LR-thread&p=314436&viewfull=1#post314436
  7. I placed a resistance in parallel to the output to have 75 ohm. Is it with this protentiometer that we set the video level?
  8. So we put the resistance and then we set the level, right?
  9. Ok I now understand better. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a Comtech FM2400RTIM8 and I would like to know if it is possible to use alone so without the electronic part shipped with? Is it possible to block it on a single channel (example 2510) without using pins number 14 and 15? I do not need several frequencies but just one. Thanks (Bonjour, j'ai un Comtech FM2400RTIM8 et je voudrais savoir si il est possible de l'utiliser seul donc sans la partie electronique livré avec? Est il possible de le bloqué sur un seul canal (exemple 2510) sans utiliser les broches numero 14 et 15? Je n'est pas besoin de plusieurs fréquences mais juste une seul. Merci)
  11. I placed a resistance in parallel to input.
  12. "This low input impedance allows practical measurements with a common ohmmeter." How should I place my ohmetre?
  13. Hello, I am French so sorry for my bad English. How to measure the input impedance of an emitter lawmate 2.4Ghz 500mw? Thanks