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  1. Great! I'll get a 2s lipo first like you suggested and if that doesn't resolve, I guess the filter will be in the works. Thanks again for for this great tutorial!
  2. Flirts off, thanks for these files and the build tutorial. Super awesome mod! Second, I do have those vertical lines you mentioned above. Can you elaborate some on the filter to resolve you mentioned? I am using a 4s battery and not a 3s or 2s, this is due to a lack of available 3s and 2s batteries. I can buy some if required, but it seems to work fine on a 4s battery. Lastly, I bought all my parts from your links (mouser) and the chip does have a pin1 indicator. One side has a beveled edge and when that side is down, pin 1 is on the far left bottom. I had to google this as it was rather confusing and the data sheet didn't provide this info. Nevertheless it works this way for me so I'm hoping to help a fellow head play modder if they also incounter this issue. Thanks again!!!