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  1. Thanks for your reply. The best is to found the serial header for a complete integration. (but i am not sure to understand the benefit of the full integartion) The fallback is to use the autonomous minimosd + gps like in the pimousse tutorial. the initial target is to be able to found my drone in case off crash & the pimousse solution sem's to be a good solution.
  2. hi, I have the rodeo 110, i have found this thread seraching for rodeo uart. I whant to do the same for the rodeo 110, for the osd it's simple. But i am looking to add a gps or other sensor. Could you explain how to determine the pin for the serial port? I don't have an oscilloscope. please check this two picture back & front there are a lot of solder pad ex: on the front nearthe usb (clk) on top 5v the camera connector is the jst near the usb the vtx connector is on the back between the antena (black 6 pin)